TWiM 7 Letters

John writes:

Is the effect of silver nanoparticles related to electron transport? What determines which metals will be antimicrobial (copper, silver) and which won't be (iron)?

Krista writes:

Dear Dr. Racaniello and friends,

I am a Medical Laboratory Technologist working in clinical microbiology at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Ontario.  I'm an avid listener of TWiV and TWiP and have been hoping you would start a bacteriology-themed podcast for a very long time.  The first few episodes of TWiM have been fantastic!  As a recent graduate and novice technologist, your podcasts are an excellent way for me build knowledge and to keep current on the infectious disease literature.  Now I just have to find a way to get my accrediting body to give me continuing education credits for listening!  Have you ever considered getting your podcasts CME accredited for the physicians out there?

Keep up the great work!  A big thanks from Canada for TWiM!



Suzanne MD PhD writes:

TWIM is an amazing podcast.  I am a Pediatrician from the route of PhD in Molecular Genetics transformed into a MD and now working in the world of primary care pediatrics.  Microbiology is 99% of my life.  Your podcasts are joyful.  Basic observations, research, molecular mechanisms, insights, perspectives, bridging the basic science to the possibilities in medicine and patient care and health care policy.  You have filled a nitch.   Gut flora hit home.  Probiotics were added to infant formulae in Europe long before here in the US.  Yogurt and probiotics have been shown to lessen antibiotic associated diarrhea.  The ideal age to introduce solids is 6 to 7 months.  Why???  Gut flora.  Simple and beautiful.  I choose to become a Pediatrician, after PhD training and a 5 year postdoc, to bring basic science to children to hopefully improve their lives.  Your podcast satisfies my basic science core and provides me with evidence based insights into health care.  Thanks!

My ideas for future topics are 1)  What is the epidemiology that has so dramatically changed the virulence of Strep and what's up with a vaccine???  2)  UTI's  help whats one to do with multi-drug resistance; and 3)  If all disease has a microbial relationship, fill me in on Autism and Mental Illness.

From the trenches...

Dr Tom writes:


Long time TWIVVER/TWIPPER, soon to be long time TWIMMER.  Love the information.  Thought that a podcast on probiotics would be timely. Seems like I (as a pediatrician) am suggesting them more for a multitude of ailments from recurrent abdominal pain to acute gastroenteritis to antibiotic side effect amelioration.  Also, it is getting harder to purchase infant formulas without some form of prebiotic or probiotic.

Keep up the great work.

From snowy and cold madison, wi Dr Tom

Peter writes:

Dear Doctors

I am interested to know if it is generally true that pathogenic microbes produce biofilms, also  in a polymicrobial infection what are the ecological interactions between the bacteria? Do the biofilms produced by one species protect  or inhibit other species?

Could a normally non pathogenic bacteria become harmful if combined in a biofilm  with another organism.

I am asking this out of interest, I am a photographer and not involved in any medical research. I do have a long standing interest in science and find your podcasts to be fascinating.



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