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This Week in Parasitism


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BacterioFiles Micro Edition 110 - Plant Pathogens Pair Perfectly

This episode: Plant viruses work together to infect better!

Download Episode (2.8 MB, 3 minutes)

Read More

BacterioFiles Micro Edition 118 - Fungi Found in Seafloor Sediments

This episode: Fungi are found living deep under the sea!

Download Episode (3.15 MB, 3.5 minutes)

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BacterioFiles Micro Edition 115 - Nets Nab Nematodes

This episode: Fungi sense worms coming and trap them!

Download Episode (2.8 MB, 3 minutes)

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TWiV 213: Not bad for a hobby

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Rich Condit Read More

TWiP 37 Letters

Cam writes:

Dick Despommier is often talking about the importance of ecology when understanding parasitism. Does he have any suggestions for good introductory texts to the subject for someone of my lowly level?

I recently came across this article, which led me... Read More

BacterioFiles Micro Edition 93 - Virus Visualizes Neural Networks

This episode: Scientists use a modified rabies virus to map brain connections!

Read More

TWiP 72: Wormholes

Vincent and Dickson discuss five ways that helminths manipulate host tissues to survive.

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello and Dickson Despommier

{aud... Read More

BacterioFiles Micro Edition 134 - Duodenum Dweller Degrades Digoxin

This episode: Bacteria in the gut can affect dosaging of medications!

Download Episode (7.1 MB, 7.75 minutes)

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Mundo de los Microbios - Episodio 101

 ¿Cuan seguras son las aguas recreacionales? Esta es una de las preguntas que le hacemos a la Dra. Helena Solo-Gabriele de la Universidad de Miami en Florida, EE.UU.

La Dra. Solo-Gabriele, ... Read More

BacterioFiles Micro Edition 75 - Personalizing Prokaryotic Protection

This episode: Scientists figure out how to utilize the prokaryotic immune system!

Read More

TWiV 208: The biomedical research crisis with Jon Yewdell

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello and Read More

TWiV 196 Letters

Dallas writes:

I am going through the old podcasts, when I have time. Number forty one covered ISA — a salmonid virus with a billion dollar class damages history. When someone mentioned vaccines development, a comments was made about how can you vaccinate salmon.

... Read More

Mundo de los Microbios - Episodio 104 - Dr. Emilio Fernández

Emilio Fernández

Nuestro invitado de hoy es el Read More

BacterioFiles Micro Edition 121 - Horizontal Hacks Help Harsh Habitation

This episode: Alga adapts to hot, toxic environments by copying prokaryote genes!

Download Episode (3.4 MB, 3.75 minutes)

<... Read More

TWiV 199 Letters

Nels writes:

Dear Vincent,

A note of gratitude to you and your crew for generously “interrogating” my recent paper on the experimental evolution of vaccinia virus.

BTW, it was evolutionary biologist Leigh Van Valen (not Richard Dawkins) who proposed an... Read More

BacterioFiles Micro Edition 114 - Popping Pathogen Provides Plasmid Prophylactic

This episode: Salmonella strain engineered to induce our cells to immunize us against diseases!

Download Episode (4.5 MB, 5 ... Read More

Mundo de los Microbios - Episodio 102

Rastreo de Fuente de Contaminacion Microbiana (Microbial Source Tracking), o el uso de diferentes metodos para encontrar la fuente de contaminacion microbiana en aguas es el tema de hoy en La Radio el M... Read More

TWiP 70 letters

Robin writes:


While it is true that Taenia saginata tends to be benign as helminthic infestations go in humans, the same cannot be said for Taenia solium.

In both cases, ingestion of (encysted) larvae leads to enteric infestation wi... Read More

TWiP 69: Malaria rising

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello and Dickson Despommier Read More

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