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BacterioFiles Micro Edition 74 - Phages Facilitate Fester Fighting

This episode: Scientists use phages to make bacteria less antibiotic-resistant!

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TWiV 185 Letters

Ed writes:

Vincent, Dick, Rich, Alan et al.,

A couple more visual science-type picks for you to follow on from Kathy Spindler’s pick – APoD

The stunning new Pursuit of Light video from NASA:  Read More

TWiP 66: A nitrile warhead for Chagas disease

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello and Dickson Despommier

Vincent and Dickson discu... Read More

BacterioFiles Micro Edition 107 - Lipases Liberate Light-Linked Lipids

This episode: Scientists engineer cyanobacteria to release biofuels at high temperatures!

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TWiP 44 Letters

Todd writes:

Hello Dixon and Vincent!

Your research and real life experience is slowly getting summarized by researchers so that it can be understood by reporters (aka those who
have a disproportionately loud voice in society):

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TWiM #75: Pellicles on pickle jars

Hosts: Vincent RacanielloElio SchaechterMichael Schmidt and Read More

West Nile Virus - An ASM "Microbes After Hours" Event - 5/6/2013

2012 saw a surge of West Nile Virus infections, particularly in the central United States. What exactly is West Nile Virus and why do outbreaks occur?

Join us at ASM headquarters to learn more about the biology of this fascinating virus - how it moves between hosts, how the&... Read More

BacterioFiles Micro Edition 117 - Helicobacter Helps or Hurts Health?

This episode: Helicobacter pylori seems not to be more harmful than helpful!

Download Episode (3.9 MB, 4.25 minutes)

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Mundo de los Microbios - Episodio 99

Hongos que causan dermatitis seborréica hasta algunos que fueron responsables de la hambruna irlandesa:  estos son algunos de los patógenos que estudia la Read More

BacterioFiles Special Edition - ASM2013 General Meeting Day 3

Here's my summary of the third day of ASM2013, wherein I met with neat people and ideas.

Download Episode Read More

MWV Episode 71 - TWiM Live at ASM GM in Denver

Host Vincent Racaniello, co-hosts Moselio Schaechter and Michael Schmidt, and guests highlight research on a phage s... Read More

TWiM #73: Eyeing root nodule development

Hosts: Vincent RacanielloMichael Schmidt and Michele Swanson Read More

TWiP 65: The real world wide web

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello and Dickson Despommier

Vincent and Dickson consi... Read More

BacterioFiles Micro Edition 110 - Plant Pathogens Pair Perfectly

This episode: Plant viruses work together to infect better!

Download Episode (2.8 MB, 3 minutes)

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TWiP 37 Letters

Cam writes:

Dick Despommier is often talking about the importance of ecology when understanding parasitism. Does he have any suggestions for good introductory texts to the subject for someone of my lowly level?

I recently came across this article, which led me... Read More

TWiP 67: They find each other delightful


Hosts: Vincent Racaniello and Dickson Despommier

Vincent and Dickson... Read More

BacterioFiles Micro Edition 133 - Microbe Manacles Metal, Muzzles Microbe

This episode: A strain of E. coli helps reduce severity of Salmonella infection by competing with it for iron in the gut!

Down... Read More

TWiV 213: Not bad for a hobby

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Rich Condit Read More

BacterioFiles Micro Edition 116 - Colonizer Counterattacks cholerae

This episode: Some bacteria respond to attacks from other bacteria with their own deadly strike!

Download Episode (4.1 MB, 4.5 minu... Read More

BacterioFiles Micro Edition 118 - Fungi Found in Seafloor Sediments

This episode: Fungi are found living deep under the sea!

Download Episode (3.15 MB, 3.5 minutes)

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