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10 fun facts about antibiotics

This poster has ten (10) mildly interesting facts about antibiotics, just in case you needed a poster or handout for Antibiotic Awareness Week (Nov 18-24, 2013). You can download PDF at "source" URL, above. Please feel free to share this graphic with your students, classmates, colleagues, frien... Read More

TWiV 164 Letters

Garren writes:

Hello Vincent

I wanted to wish you a happy holidays. I also was hoping to submit another science pick of the week for your show.

Read More

TWiP 42: The tick keeps on ticking

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello and Dickson Despommier

Vincent and Dickson answer list... Read More

TWiM #46: Spore!

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Read More

Ten seminal virologists

In my recent keynote address to the Brazilian Virology Society entitled The World of Viruses, I presented my list of ten seminal virologists. The idea to include such a discussion came from David Baltimore, who sent me his list. Our lists had some but not all individuals in common. What would yo... Read More

TWiM #59: Are viruses part of our immune system?

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello and Michael Schmidt.

Vincent and Michael disc... Read More

TWiM #53: Live in Manchester (with video!)

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Laura Piddock, Read More

TWiM #64: URI and UTI at ICAAC in Denver

Hosts: Vincent RacanielloMichael Schmidt Read More

TWiP 50: Antagonism in the mosquito midgut

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello and Dickson Despommier

Vincent and Dickson reveal... Read More

MWV Episode 65 - Natalie Prystajecky: Norovirus

In episode 65 of MicrobeWorld Video, Dr. Stan Maloy talks with Natalie Prystajecky Ph.D., Environmental Public Health Microbiologist, BCCDC Public Health Microbiology and Referen... Read More

TWiM #43: Bacterial caveolae and zapping acne with phages

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Read More

TWiP 53: Anti-saliva immunity

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello and Dickson Despommier

Vincent and Dickson discus... Read More

TWiP 52: Not your ordinary unsegmented roundworm

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello and Dickson Despommier

Vincent and Dickson review... Read More

TWiP 36 Letters

Trudy writes:

Dear Drs. Despommier and Racaniello,

I am almost caught up listening to TWiP! I look forward to your future efforts and eBooks, etc., however, in TWiP # 32, I thought I heard you mention that there would be a link to Dr. Despommier's lectures. ... Read More

TWiM #62: Breaking bad and protein chain mail

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello and Michael Schmidt

Vincent a... Read More

TWiV 168: Super CalTech prophylaxis and ferret runny noses

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Dickson Despommier Read More

TWiM #63: Superantigens, S. aureus, and the armpit microbiome

Hosts: Vincent RacanielloMichael Schmidt and  Read More

TWiV 175 Letters

Jane writes:

Dear Vincent,

Just a quick email to say how wonderful it was to meet you yesterday in Amsterdam! I have been an avid TWiV listener since my first "TWiV experience" in 2009 and look forward to many more podcasts.

If you recall, I mentioned ... Read More

TWiM #61: The irony of probiotics

Hosts: Vincent RacanielloElio Schaechter and  Read More

MWV Episode 67 - The Secret Language of Bacteria

No bacterium lives alone – it is constantly encountering members of its own species as well as other kinds of bacteria and diverse organisms like viruses, fungi, plants and animals. To navigate a complex world, microbes use chemical signals to sense and communicate with one another... Read More

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