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TWiP 14 Letters

Sarah writes:

To my favourite scientists,

I am a high school student from Serbia and microbiology is my passion; I plan on going to university and studying it. I wanted to tell you both how much I enjoy the TWIP podcast! I especially enjoyed the one about tapeworms. I urge you to do the show weekly! I can't wait until the next one! Keep up the great work!

Geoffrey writes:

You may have already been alerted to this one:

Flying Vaccinator: a Transgenic Mosquito Delivers a Leishmania Vaccine via Blood Feeding.
Insect Molecular Biology
Vol 19 Issue 3 (June 10)
pp. 391-398

Prasad writes:

Hi Dick and Vincent,

I love your podcasts, TWIP and TWIV. Although I am a virologist and think that viruses are the most amazing 'things', with your podcasts I have come to appreciate the parasitology as well. I think Dick will like to know that I work on Dengue.

My recent pubmed search led me to this article in current biology titled 'Plasmodium falciparum Accompanied the Human Expansion out of Africa' by Tanabe et al. It talks about origins on P. Falciparum. I know that TwiP has moved on to other parasites, but it will be great if you can explain the controversy of malarial origin a little bit more.

In any case, I am over in Singapore currently and if any of you are in this part of the world, drop me a mail. I can show you around.

Thanks for the podcasts. Keep them coming.



Spencer writes:

Hi Vincent and Dickson,

I often see patients with addiction problems. Now one month into TWIP withdrawal, I can sympathize. Please press onward with this fascinating podcast series. I am a cholesterol and lipid specialist and run a testing and referral center in New Jersey where I see patients with complex lipid and metabolic disorders. Are you aware of any crossover from the microbial world in terms of inflammatory influences on the vasculature that can lead to advancing atherosclerosis? For example, we know that an inflammatory marker, C reactive Protein, which has been precipitated from patients with pneumococcal infection may be an independent marker for atherosclerotic risk and additionally may be a target of therapy.



Mitch writes:

I came across this joke online today and thought you guys would appreciate it:

Taenia solium walks into a bar and the bar tender says "we don't serve your kind here" Taenia solium replies "Well, you're not a very good host."


Kieran writes:

I just wanted say thank you for all your time and effort put into the creation of both TWIP and TWIV, they represent the very best in podcasting and show exactly how hugely beneficial they can be.

TWIP is especially fascinating and illuminating and every two weeks is not enough to do justice to the breadth and inters of the subject. It would be brilliant to here something of fungal parasites, espically with the wide range of strange and distincict behavior they exhibit, e.g. Cordyceps unilateralis and the affect it has on its hosts behavior.

Again thank you for the great work, and yours very humbly,


Marc writes:

Thank you for a wonderful podcast series [so far...] !!!

I've got one correction to make (just listened to the tapeworm episodes): it's a megaloblastic anemia, because vitamin b12 is needed for DNA synthesis and NOT for the hemoglobin.

And a question: why the heck are those life cycles sooooo complicated? does any one has an idea how they evolved? maybe dick has some good ideas on that....

I plan buying the parasitic diseases book, but I noticed it's from 2005, and the edition before was from 2000.... so be honest: is there a new edition coming out soon - please tell me if so ;-)

greetings from freiburg in germany

Michael writes:

Can you believe this. There is an organisation trying to save the Guinea I've heard it all.



Comments (1)

  1. Everybody its Vincent Rakenalo(sorry if i mispelled) This is twiv your weekly dose of virology. I love listening to your podcast very much and love to thank for this. Dont we have podocats on twiv, twip? Thank you Ish,EVEREST

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