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This Week in Microbiology

Display # 
Title Published Date
TWiM #154: Rigor, lotteries, and moonshots 14-06-2017
TWiM #153: Covert pathogenesis 01-06-2017
TWiM #152: Wooden steps 19-05-2017
TWiM #151: Bat and moth antimicrobials 04-05-2017
TWiM #150: Microbiology is where it's at 21-04-2017
TWiM #149: You're going to learn R 06-04-2017
TWiM #148: Neanderthal Dentistry 23-03-2017
TWiM #147: The Public Goods Dilemma 10-03-2017
TWiM #146: Viral arbitrium 23-02-2017
TWiM Special: Q fever with Robert Heinzen 21-02-2017
TWiM #145: Anything but Academic 10-02-2017
TWiM #144: Did eukaryotes invent anything? 26-01-2017
TWiM #143: E-scaffolds and receptor transfer 12-01-2017
TWiM #142: A membrane-thickness caliper 29-12-2016
TWiM #141: Nutritional immunity and polymicrobial infections 15-12-2016
TWiM 140: Small town, big science 01-12-2016
TWiM #139: Frackibacter and sticky fingers 18-11-2016
TWiM #138: Learning to love uranium and the A-baum 03-11-2016
TWiM #137: The battle for oxygen 20-10-2016
TWiM #136: Diderms and then monoderms 07-10-2016
TWiM #135: Unruly individuals and their unruly friends 23-09-2016
TWiM #134: Lipids that live forever 08-09-2016
TWiM #133: Right under our noses 20-08-2016
TWiM #132: Bacteria learn long division 05-08-2016
TWiM 131: Mice behaving badly 20-07-2016
TWiM #130: Interkingdom interactions at ASM Microbe 23-06-2016
TWiM #129: Dried and wrinkled, smooth and mucoid 07-06-2016
TWiM #128: A moonlighting phage protein 21-05-2016
TWiM #127: Subway Snowblowers and Men in Black 05-05-2016
TWiM #126: I’m not scared of zebrafish and mice and bears (oh my!) 22-04-2016
TWiM #125: A minimal cell operating system 07-04-2016
TWiM #124: Fungal pirates 24-03-2016
TWiM #123: A microbial MAGE 09-03-2016
TWiM #122: Mayonii, microRNAs and the microbiome 25-02-2016
TWiM #121: A plague of pathogens 11-02-2016
TWiM #120: Snakes in trouble 02-02-2016
TWiM #119: Power of one 16-01-2016
TWiM #118: Spore-drops keep fallin’ on my head 01-01-2016
TWiM #117: Finding the comammox 17-12-2015
TWiM 116: Chewates and coconuts 03-12-2015
TWiM #115: Profiling the Poglianos 20-11-2015
TWiM #114: Milestones in Blue 06-11-2015
TWiM #113: Waves of Change 23-10-2015
TWiM #112: Mushroom pickers and mushroom kickers 26-09-2015
TWiM #111: Ancientbiotics and modernbiotics 10-09-2015
TWiM #110: Exploring unseen life with unpronounceable words 19-08-2015
TWiM #109: Precision killing 06-08-2015
TWiM #108: Vaccine in the time of cholera 23-07-2015
TWiM #107: The battle in your bladder 09-07-2015
TWiM #106: Lawn mower disease 24-06-2015
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