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This Week in Microbiology

TWiM #24: This year in microbiology

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Hosts: Vincent RacanielloMichael Schmidt, and Cliff Mintz.

On episode #24 of the podcast, Vincent, Michael, and Cliff review ten compelling microbiology stories from 2011.


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Ten Microbiology stories from 2011:

  1. Bean sprouts and E. coli O104H4 (TWiM 9, 20)

  2. H. pylori and asthma (TWiM 11)

  3. Airborne H5N1 influenza (TWiV 159)

  4. The microbiome (TWiM 2, 15, 19)

  5. Synthetic biology (TWiM 12)

  6. Probiotics (TWiM 24)

  7. Symbiosis (TWiM 8, 10, 17, 21)

  8. Turning E. coli into a pathogen (TWiM 18)

  9. Mammalian endothermy restricts fungi (TWiM 16)

  10. Microbiology 911 (TWiM 22)

Right click to download TWiM #24 (57.5 MB, .mp3, 79 minutes).

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Links for this episode:

Send your microbiology questions and comments (email or mp3 file) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or call them in to 908-312-0760. You can also post articles that you would like us to discuss at and tag them with twim.


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