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MicrobeWorld Video

Display # 
Title Published Date
Inside the Mind's Eye: Communicating Science in a New Media Era (MWV41) 28-10-2010
ICAAC Boston 2010 (MWV40) 19-09-2010
Carl Zimmer: Newspapers, Blogs, and Other Vectors: Infecting Minds with Science in the Age of New Media (MWV39) 17-07-2010
Influenza surveillance: Should we be monitoring swine herds? (MWV38) 22-06-2010
Global warming may spur new fungal diseases (MWV37) 22-06-2010
Why Write? Communicating Your Results to Further Scientific Knowledge (MWV36) 23-04-2010
Adaptation and Evolution: The Life of an RNA Virus (MWV35) 04-03-2010
mHealth - Infectious Disease in a Mobile Age (MWV34) 25-02-2010
Food Safety 101 (MWV33) 02-12-2009
Healthy Pet, Healthy You (MWV32) 28-09-2009
Tiny Conspiracies (MWV31) 18-08-2009
Biofuels in Puerto Rico (MWV30) 30-06-2009
This Week in Virology - Live in Philly (MWV29) 27-05-2009
Cheese and Microbes (MWV28) 13-05-2009
ASMCUE (MWV27) 20-03-2009
Germ Proof Your Kids (MWV26) 06-02-2009
Bacteria Lab (MWV25) 06-02-2009
Iconography of Contagion (MWV24) 06-02-2009
Antibiotics: Is a Strong Offense the Best Defense? Part 3 (MWV23) 10-11-2008
Antibiotics: Is a Strong Offense the Best Defense? Part 2 (MWV22) 30-10-2008
Antibiotics: Is a Strong Offense the Best Defense? Part 1 (MWV21) 17-10-2008
The Singing Toxicologist (MWV20) 16-09-2008
West Nile Virus (MWV19) 18-08-2008
One Health (MWV18) 01-08-2008
Return to Zambia (MWV17) 10-06-2008
Canary in a Coal Mine (MWV16) 01-05-2008
Modern Transportation & Infectious Disease (MWV15) 04-04-2008
HIV/AIDS Education in America (MWV14) 03-03-2008
Microbe Lab (MWV13) 05-02-2008
Petri Dish Circus (MWV12) 07-12-2007
The Maloy Lab (MWV11) 05-11-2007
Save the Oysters - Part 2 (MWV10) 02-11-2007
Save the Oysters - Part 1 (MWV9) 08-10-2007
ReGenesis (MWV8) 30-08-2007
ASM in Zambia (MWV7) 31-07-2007
Microblogology (MWV6) 03-07-2007
Science Comedian Brian Malow (MWV5) 12-06-2007
Save the Microbes, Save the Planet - Part 3 (MWV4) 29-05-2007
Save the Microbes, Save the Planet - Part 2 (MWV3) 16-05-2007
Save the Microbes, Save the Planet - Part 1 (MWV2) 10-05-2007
The Koshland Museum Infectious Disease Exhibit (MWV1) 01-04-2007

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