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MicrobeWorld Video

Display # 
Title Published Date
MWV96 - Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria 30-06-2015
MWV95 - The Power of Fungal Genetics 28-03-2015
MWV94 - TWiM #99: Careers in Biodefense 04-03-2015
MWV Episode 93 - TWiM #95 - A microbe lover in San Diego 09-01-2015
MWV Episode 92 - Ebola: On the Front Lines 24-11-2014
MWV Episode 91 - This Week in Virology #310: From bacteriophage to retroviruses with Ann Skalka 09-11-2014
MWV Episode 90 - This Week in Microbiology #90 - Think globally, act locally (Live from SCASM) 27-10-2014
MWV Episode 89 - The Water Supply 13-10-2014
MWV Episode 88 - This Week in Virology #300 - So Happy Together 28-08-2014
MWV Episode 87 - TWiV #291: Live from Colorado State University 03-07-2014
MWV Episode 86 - The Microbiology of Cheese 11-06-2014
MWV Episode 85 - This Week in Virology #286: Boston TWiV Party 25-05-2014
MWV Episode 84 - Cultures Magazine Launch Event 28-02-2014
MWV Episode 83 - This Week in Virology 270: Live from ASM Biodefense in Washington, D.C. 02-02-2014
MWV Episode 82 - Rob Knight - The Microbiome Project 10-01-2014
MWV Episode 81 - Sheldon Campbell - The Singing Microbiologist 22-11-2013
MWV Episode 80 - Harald zur Hausen - Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) 18-10-2013
MWV Episode 79 – The Microbiology of Beer 11-10-2013
MWV Episode 78 / This Week in Microbiology 64: URI and UTI at ICAAC in Denver 18-09-2013
MWV Episode 77 / This Week in Virology 250: Wookie Viruses 15-09-2013
MWV Episode 76 - Jeffrey Almond - Vaccine Development 23-08-2013
MWV Episode 75 - David Bhella: The Peter Wildy Award Talk 29-07-2013
MWV Episode 74 - David Bhella - Electron-cryomicroscopy 18-07-2013
MWV Episode 73 - Shutting Down the Government: Yellow Fever and Anthrax 09-07-2013
MWV Episode 72 - Jonathan Eisen - Evolvability, the Built Environment and Open Science 05-06-2013
MWV Episode 71 - TWiM Live at ASM GM in Denver 24-05-2013
MWV70 - Microbes After Hours - West Nile Virus 07-05-2013
MWV Episode 69 - Richard Cogdell - Bacterial Photosynthesis 16-04-2013
Threading the NEIDL - Inside a BSL-4 Lab (MWV 68) 07-03-2013
MWV Episode 67 - The Secret Language of Bacteria 04-02-2013
Curtis Suttle - Marine Virology (MWV66) 15-01-2013
MWV Episode 65 - Natalie Prystajecky: Norovirus 20-11-2012
MWV Episode 64 - Anne Tanner: Microbes of the Mouth 04-09-2012
MWV Episode 63 - Forest Rohwer: Microbes of the ocean, coral reefs and the human lung 03-08-2012
MWV Episode 61 - Richard Lenski - Evolution in a Flask 01-06-2012
ASM at the USA Science and Engineering Festival (MWV60) 21-05-2012
Anne K. Jones - Cyanobacteria's Potential as a Fuel Product (MWV59) 13-04-2012
TWiV Live in Dublin (MWV58) 30-03-2012
Ron Atlas: Publication of H5N1 Research (MWV57) 07-03-2012
H5N1 Research Discussion (MWV56) 05-03-2012
Francis H. Arnold: Laboratory Evolution (MWV55) 18-10-2011
TWiM #16: ICAAC Live (MWV54) 23-09-2011
TWiV Live in the Windy City (MWV53) 18-09-2011
Diane Harper: HPV Vaccine Efficacy (MWV52) 08-09-2011
David Relman: The Stability of the Human Microbiome (MWV51) 06-07-2011
This Week in Microbiology Live in NOLA (MWV50) 20-06-2011
TWiV Live at the 2011 ASM General Meeting in New Orleans (MWV49) 06-06-2011
Emerging Diseases - The Importance of Early Warning and Surveillance Systems (MWV48) 21-04-2011
Interview with Larry Madoff, Editor of ProMED-mail (MWV47) 31-03-2011
One Health and the Lessons Learned from the 1999 West Nile Virus Outbreak (MWV46) 22-03-2011
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