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ASM Live at #ICAAC / ICC - Silicone Vaginal Rings Deliver Antiviral Drugs, Protect Women against HIV 20-09-2015 1884
ASM Live at #ICAAC / ICC - Co-contribution of rotavirus vaccines (RVs) and pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (PCVs) in reduction of pediatric hospital burden 20-09-2015 2116
ASM Live at #ICAAC / ICC - Bordetella parapertussis Outbreak in Southeastern Minnesota in 2014 20-09-2015 1978
ASM Live at #ICAAC / ICC - Gilead's Stribild Demonstrates Improved Safety and Efficacy Among Women Who Switched from a Multi-Pill Antiretroviral Drug Regimen 20-09-2015 2096
ASM Live at #ICAAC / ICC - Monitoring the Microbiome in Leukemia Patients Could Reduce Infections During Chemotherapy 19-09-2015 2313
ASM Live at #ICAAC / ICC - Microbiosensor: A Device for Monitoring Bacterial Contamination in Contact Lens Cases 19-09-2015 2566
ASM Live at #ICAAC / ICC - A cost-effective alternative to the current standard of therapy for treating staphylococcal bloodstream infections 18-09-2015 1943
ASM Live at ICAAC/ICC 2015 - The Live Internet Talk Show 16-09-2015 10006
ASM GM 2015 - Good Craft Beer Getting Spoiled by Bacteria #asm2015 #asmlive 02-06-2015 606
ASM GM 2015 - ASM en Vivo 2015 01-06-2015 632
ASM GM 2015 - An Epidemiological Survey of Toothbrush Contamination in Communal Bathrooms 01-06-2015 711
ASM GM 2015 - The Effect of Agion Silver Technology on the Bacterial Populations Found on Door Handles 01-06-2015 604
ASM GM 2015 - Metabolic Activity Of The Skin Microbiome: Is Our First Line Of Defense Sleeping On The Job 01-06-2015 621
ASM GM 2015 - Prevalence of Streptococcus mutans serotype k in American School Children 31-05-2015 566
ASM GM 2015 - A Critical Role of the Plant Microbiome for Immunocompetency 31-05-2015 524
ASM GM 2015 - Human Papillomavirus Vaccination: What Are College Students Thinking? 31-05-2015 524
ASM Live 2015 - The Live Internet Talk Show 31-05-2015 11546
ICAAC 2014 - How Quickly Viruses Can Contaminate a Building 08-09-2014 2251
ICAAC 2014 - New Targets for SARS/MERS Drugs 08-09-2014 1256
ICAAC 2014 - New Antimicrobial Strategy Silences NDM-1 Resistance Gene in Pathogens 08-09-2014 1582
ICAAC 2014 - Emerging Answers on the Ebola Outbreak 08-09-2014 2408
ICAAC 2014 - Tests for Rapid Detection of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria 07-09-2014 1402
ICAAC 2014 - New Antifungal Option for Cancer Patients 07-09-2014 1131
ICAAC 2014 - Each Day in Hospital Increases Resistance Risk 07-09-2014 1305
ICAAC 2014 - Antibiotic Stewardship: Saving Drugs, Saving Money 06-09-2014 1531
ICAAC 2014 - New Single-Dose Influenza Drug 06-09-2014 1116
ASM Live at ICAAC - The Live Internet Talk Show 26-08-2014 10482
ASM Live - The Live Internet Talk Show 22-05-2014 16355
ASM GM 2014 - Microbes and Cancer 20-05-2014 1202
ASM GM 2014 - Fossilized Feces Help Anthropologists Understand Pre-Columbian Cultures 20-05-2014 1075
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