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Microbeworld has a host of multimedia content (audio and video) available about the science of microbiology and several of its disciplines. MicrobeWorld's video and audio podcasts are distributed through the iTunes music store, the Zune marketplace, Miro, Blackberry and various video sharing websites such as: YouTube, Scivee.tv, DNATube, and Vimeo. Our distributed content strategy is designed to make our content as accessible as possible on as many platforms that make sense, including mobile. Teachers and educators are encouraged to use our content as part of their classroom curriculum, assignments and extra credit. All of our content is licensed under creative commons 3.0 noncommercial, attribution and share-alike. If you have any questions about this or would like to use excerpts, please contact us. Check out the menu on the left hand side to find audio and video podcasts of interest.

MicrobeWorld's Podcasts

This Week in Microbiology (TWiM)
TWiM is a biweekly podcast about unseen life on Earth hosted by Vincent Racaniello and friends. Following in the path of his successful shows 'This Week in Virology' (TWiV) and 'This Week in Parasitism' (TWiP), Racaniello and guests produce an informal yet informative conversation about microbes which is accessible to everyone, no matter what their science background.

This Week in Virology (TWiV)
Created in September 2008 by Vincent Racaniello and Dick Despommier, two science professors at Columbia University Medical Center, TWiV is a weekly podcast about viruses. Each week Racaniello invites other virologists into the conversation in which they discuss current news, papers or research involving the science of virology.

This Week in Parasitism (TWiP)
A monthly program about eukaryotic parasites hosted by Vincent Racaniello and Dick Despommier. As science professors at Columbia University, they have spent their entire academic careers directing research laboratories focused on parasites (Dick) and viruses (Vincent). Their enthusiasm for teaching inspired them to reach beyond the classroom and create TWiP.

MicrobeWorld Video
A monthly video podcast by the American Society for Microbiology that highlights the latest in microbiology, life science, and related topics.  The videos often focus on a specific subject area, but can also include filmed presentations by notable scientists or one-on-one candid interviews with researchers.

Microbe Magazine Podcast (MMP)
A monthly science podcast hosted by Jeff Fox, Current Topics and Features Editor for Microbe Magazine, published by the American Society for Microbiology. Each podcast episode coincides with an article in the current issue of Microbe Magazine. 

Mundo de los Microbios
The World of Microbes is a Spanish-language educational program consisting of weekly podcasts aimed at improving the understanding and appreciation of the vital role that microorganisms play in our planet. Host Gary Toranzos, Professor of Microbiology, at the University of Puerto Rico, uses podcasting to highlight the processes of discovery, historical changes in research, as well as a variety of scientific careers in industry, academia and government.

Hosted by Jesse Noar, a microbiology PhD student at North Carolina State University, Bacteriofiles is a weekly show for microbe lovers: reporting on exciting news about bacteria, archaea, and sometimes even eukaryotic microbes and viruses.

Meet the Scientist
A podcast series hosted by Merry Buckley and Carl Zimmer from 2008 to 2010 that interviewed scientists in the field of microbiology about their lives and experiences.


Intimate Strangers: Unseen Life on Earth
Intimate Strangers: Unseen Life on Earth is the story of the scientific detective work that leads investigators from the very large to the very small, from the present to the remote past, from humankind at large to the delicate life systems within every one of us.

This four-part series challenges us to forge new partnerships with the microbial world to control disease, fight hunger in developing countries, reclaim our damaged environment, and clean up even the most toxic of wastes.

Intimate Strangers: Unseen Life on Earth features vivid computer animation and videomicroscopy that dynamically illustrate creatures and processes too miniscule to see with the unaided eye. You'll meet a microbial cast of characters, both heroes and villians, as well as a host of scientists whose work today is helping to shape our future.

Yellowstone Revealed
A two part video podcast documentary on the microbial wonders of Yellowstone National Park from the American Society for Microbiology and the World Foundation for Environment and Development.


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