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Skin Bacteria Are Your Friends

Americans have been on an antibacterial kick for the past several years. Our hand soap, dish soap, and body wash have morphed into an arsenal of bug-killing napalm, eliminating all but the heartiest of bacteria.

And there are, indeed, some scary microbes crawling around out there—Staph and C.... Read More

TWiM #30: Unraveling melioidosis and insulin resistance

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Hosts: Vincent Racaniello Read More

Dallas mayor declares emergency over West Nile virus

The mayor of Dallas declared a state of emergency in the ninth largest U.S. city on Wednesday to combat the spread of West Nile virus infections, which have been more prevalent than usual in Texas and other states this year.

There have been more cases of West Nile virus reported so far this y... Read More

What the Germs in Your Bellybutton Say About You

At one time or another, every human goes through the rather introverted and personal experience of omphaloskepsis.

The term, better known as navel-gazing, originally described the act of self-reflection through a complete physical and mental focus on the bellybutton. The practice has been rec... Read More

An engineered doomsday

In a lead editorial the New York Times argues why the recent research on avian influenza H5N1 should not be published, and why it constitutes a threat to humanity. They get all of the facts wrong, and base their opinions on incorrect science. Among the problems: they flatly state that 600 humans... Read More

Origin of the H5N1 storm

I still wonder why the influenza virus H5N1 ferret transmission studies generated such fear and misunderstanding among the public, the press, and even some scientists. I still cannot fully explain what transpired, but now that the papers have been published some new clues have emerged. Read More

BacterioFiles Micro Edition 79 - Stratospheric Strain's Super Sparks

This episode: Finding stratospheric electricity-producing microbes!

Downlo... Read More

ASM Live at ICAAC Denver 2013

Be part of the studio audience for the American Society for Microbiology 2013 live internet talk show, ASM Live at ICAAC. Host Michael Schmidt, Ph.D., P... Read More

Far-out photosynthesis

Photosynthesis maintains Earth's habitability for life as we know it, and shapes the way we search for habitable worlds around distant stars. Scientists have discovered a microbe that can use low-energy light to perform photosynthesis. This discovery could alter theories about the types of stars... Read More

Hypervirulent Bacteria Strain May Be Next Superbug, Scientists Say

UB researchers are studying a hypervirulent strain of a common bacterium with the potential to become a superbug that is difficult, if not impossible, to treat.

Most antibiotic-resistant bacteria do not infect healthy people. The strain of Klebsiella pneumoniae that UB researchers are investi... Read More

Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Proliferate in Agricultural Soils

Infectious diseases kill roughly 13 million people worldwide, annually, a toll that continues to rise, aided and abetted by resistance genes. Now a study, published in the March Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy finds reservoirs of resistance in agricultural soils. These contained more diver... Read More

ASM Live San Francisco 2012

Be part of the studio audience for the 2012 General Meeting's live internet talk show, ASM Live. Host Stanley Maloy, Chair of the Communications Committee for the American Society for Microbiology will discuss hot topics at the meeting with presenters and will take questions from audience and... Read More

Tracking The Spread Of A Nasty Virus (NPR Audio Story)

When members of a travel soccer team in Oregon fell ill last year, the details of how the disease spread through the team were mysterious. Kimberly Repp, an epidemiologist in Washington County, Oregon, describes the medical detective work that led epidemiologists through the chain of transmissio... Read More

'Universal' cancer vaccine developed

The therapy, which targets a molecule found in 90 per cent of all cancers, could provide a universal injection that allows patients' immune systems to fight off common cancers including breast and prostate cancer.

Preliminary results from early clinical trials have shown the vaccine can trigg... Read More

BacterioFiles Micro Edition 76 - Glacial Growth

This episode: Bacteria are active even encased in ice!

Download Episode Read More

Your urinary tract: a two lane highway for E. coli

Cranberry juice, anyone? Most everyone has had to deal with a UTI at some point, but as common as the condition is, we still know little about how bacteria progress through the urinary tract. Observations have taught that bacteria may move from the urethra, into the bladder, then up the ureters ... Read More

Video from the H5N1 Research Discussion at ASMBiodefense

Watch the video from this morning's discussion of NSABB’s publication recommendations for the NIH-funded research on the transmissibility of H5N1 at ASMBiodefense conference.

Moderated by the Chair of the National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NSABB), Paul Keim, P... Read More

TWiP 36: Trichuris and microbes plan a hatch

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello and Dickson Despommier

Vincent and Dickson review how gut bacter... Read More

El podcast del Microbio Nº253: El genoma de la bacteria que fermenta las aceitunas (Lactobacillus pentosus genome sequenced)

El podcast del Microbio Nº253 deals with the sequencing of a Lactobacillus pentosus strain responsible of Spanish‐Style Green Ol... Read More

TWiV 170 Letters

Jim writes:

Honored Profs:

May I suggest a pick-of-the-week podcast that captures the difficult aspects of creativity and research that may help students of your craft understand the 90% perspiration part of your work. A download link of,  Read More

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