MWV Episode 94 - TWiM #99: Careers in Biodefense
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More U.S. teens get vaccinated, CDC finds

More U.S. teens are getting recommended vaccines against certain cancers, meningitis and infectious diseases, government researchers reported on Thursday.

More than 40 percent of girls have received at least one dose of the new vaccine that protects against a virus that causes cervical and ot... Read More

TWiV 96 Letters

Connor writes:

My name is Connor and I am an undergraduate (soon to graduate) Microbiology student at Oregon State University. I've recently discovered your show and I love listening to it. Especially now that it's featured on Stitcher, making it much easier for me to listen... Read More

TWiV 96: Making viral DNA

Unable to embed Rapid1Pixelout audio player. Please double check that:  1)You have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.  2)This web page does not have any fatal Javascript errors.  3)The audio-player.js file of Rapid1Pixelout has been included.

On episode #96 of the podcast This Week in Virology, Vincent, Dickson, and Rich continue Virology 101 with a discussion of how viruses with DNA genomes replicate their genetic information.

<... Read More

New fabric made from tea

It is the authentic "tea shirt" - an item from a range of clothing made from Britain's favourite beverage.

Fashion designers and scientists have developed a new fabric that is grown in vats of tea.

The material, which has a leather-like texture but is extremely lightweight, has already be... Read More

‘Scary Disease Girl’ Maryn McKenna on antibiotic-resistant staph

A podcast interview from the food blog 'grist'.

Maryn McKenna is arguably the premier U.S. public health journalist. Not many on the beat can boast a bio like this:

Maryn McKenna's newsroom nickname is Scary Disease Girl, and she earned it. She has reported from inside a field hospita... Read More

'Opportunistic' Bacteria Feasting Slowly on Underwater Oil in Gulf

A new study confirming the existence of a massive plume of oil trapped deep underwater in the Gulf of Mexico defies notions that bacteria, while they are degrading the oil, will make as quick work of petroleum lingering in the water's cold depths as they have on the surface.

In a widely hail... Read More

CDC: Tainted eggs may have sickened hundreds in recent months

The salmonella outbreak that led to the recall of 380 million eggs was preventable and will likely grow, federal officials said Thursday.

Hundreds of Americans likely have become ill from tainted eggs in recent months, according to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention... Read More

HIV in Blood Different Than in Semen, Scientists Say

HIV-1 in semen is different than HIV-1 in blood, possibly due to changes it undergoes in the genital tract, scientists have found.

In their study, the researchers sought to better understand the process by which HIV -- the virus that causes AIDS -- is transmitted. They compared the gene encod... Read More

They fought deadly viruses; other researchers are continuing the fight

The world of virology lost two notables in recent weeks, offering an opportunity to reflect on the differences they made -- and to look ahead at advances yet to come.

The names may be unfamiliar; what they wrought isn't.

Dr. Robert M. Chanock not only isolated the respiratory syncytial vir... Read More

Titanic Is Falling Apart

Slipping beneath the waves on April 15, 1912, the R.M.S. Titanic famously disappeared from view until 1985, when it was rediscovered on the bottom of the North Atlantic.

Now, scientists say, the legendary liner—beset by metal-eating life-forms, powerful currents, and possibly even human negl... Read More

Egg recall expanded on salmonella fears

In another blow to the nation's $6-billion egg industry, a second Iowa producer issued a recall of 170 million eggs that could be contaminated with salmonella — bringing the total number to more than half a billion.

The eggs were produced by Hillandale Farms of New Hampton, Iowa, and package... Read More

Solar toothbrush zaps oral bacteria without using toothpaste

Brushing your teeth is a regular ritual for most people, and normally that involves both a toothbrush and toothpaste to remove the gunk that builds up on our teeth and gums. The solar toothbrush looks to eliminate the paste, harnessing the power of the sun to kill off all that nasty bacteria.
... Read More

Smart Fungus Disarms Plant, Animal and Human Immunity

Fungal and bacterial pathogens are quite capable of infecting plants, animals and humans despite their immune systems. Fungi penetrate leafs, stalks and roots, or skin, intestines and lungs, to infect their hosts. Researchers from Wageningen UR (University & Research centre) discovered, together... Read More

Old Drug Holds Promise Against Opportunistic Lung Bug

A drug to treat inflammation plays a surprising role reducing the level of infection caused by an opportunistic bug that is deadly for AIDS and cancer patients and others with weakened immune systems.

The drug, sulfasalazine, spurs the body to get rid of the fungal evaders by enhancing the bo... Read More

Africans text message to check if drugs are real

For Africans wondering whether the malaria drugs they've bought are real, there may soon be a quick way of finding out: sending a text message.

Across the continent, more than 30 percent of malaria medicines are estimated to be fake, and many look identical to the real thing.

A new project... Read More

Gulf Plume Resists Oil-Eating Microbes

A massive oil plume from the Deepwater Horizon blowout may survive for longer than expected against the petroleum-eating microbes in the Gulf of Mexico, according to a new study.

Researchers took a "forensic snapshot" in late June that showed higher-than-expected oxygen levels in the plume fr... Read More

A New Form of Chlorophyll?

Researchers may have found a new form of chlorophyll, the pigment that plants, algae and cyanobacteria use to obtain energy from light through photosynthesis. Preliminary findings published August 19 in Science suggest that the newly discovered molecule, dubbed chlorophyll f, has a distinct che... Read More

Analysis: U.S. flu plan cuts red tape, rewards biotechs

The U.S. government released a new plan on Thursday for cutting red tape and working more closely with companies to prepare for the next big biological disaster -- be it a flu pandemic or nuclear attack.

The plan from the Health and Human Services Department directly addresses many of the com... Read More

New Compound May be Effective Against Chagas’ Disease

A new compound may offer an effective drug candidate against the deadly tropical infection, Chagas’ disease say researchers from Brazil. They report their findings in the August 2010 issue of the journal Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.

Chagas’ disease is an infection caused by the par... Read More

Virus May Act as “Evolution-Proof” Biopesticide Against Malaria

A naturally occurring virus in mosquitoes may serve as a “late-life-acting” insecticide by killing older adult mosquitoes that are responsible for the bulk of malaria transmission. The researchers from Johns Hopkins University and the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute, Baltimore, Maryla... Read More
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