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Stripe rust in wheat streaking across Texas

The results are not finalized, but Texas AgriLife Extension Service wheat specialists and Texas AgriLife Research wheat breeders believe the crop is being damaged this year by a new or different race of stripe rust.

Because this winter and early spring were cooler and wetter than normal, cond... Read More

Weird, ultra-small microbes turn up in acidic mine drainage

In the depths of a former copper mine in Northern California dwell what may be the smallest, most stripped-down forms of life ever discovered.

The microbes — members of the domain of one-celled creatures called Archaea — are smaller than other known microorganisms, rivaled in size only by a m... Read More

Fetuses armed to fight viruses long before birth

Fetuses aren't as defenceless as they seem - they may be armed to fight off viruses long before birth.

It was thought that fetal immune cells were too immature to be useful and that fetuses and newborns relied on antibodies provided by their mothers. Now David Vermijlen at the Institute for M... Read More

Aphids Pilfered Red Genes from Fungus

Aphids can be a gardener’s nightmare. But they may be an evolutionary biologist’s dream. Because they’re pioneers in the history of life on Earth. For one thing, they’re now the only known animals to produce the chemical pigments called carotenoids, which help in cell repair and immunity. It’s t... Read More

Getting the Bugs Out to Produce New Fuel

The Geobacter bacterium could be the biofuel-generating machine of the future, producing energy-rich butanol costing as little as $2 per gallon.

A project seeking to accomplish this, headed by Derek Lovley and colleagues at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst , received $1 million in fun... Read More

President Bill Clinton and South African Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi to join 25,000 scientists, people living with HIV, and other stakeholders at XVIII International AIDS Conference in Vienna

Organizers of the XVIII International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2010) announced today that President Bill Clinton, founder of the William J. Clinton Foundation and 42nd President of the United States, and South African Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi will be among 19 high-level speakers who will ad... Read More

New HIV model suggests killer T cell for vaccine

A new improved modeling system, developed by Chinese researchers, which attempts to incorporate more of the virus’ random behavioral dynamics, suggests that a particular type of T cell could be useful in the development of an AIDS vaccine.

New research published in New Journal of Physics (co-... Read More

Antibiotic shows lasting effects against diarrhea-focused irritable bowel syndrome

A two-week course of the antibiotic rifaximin can provide long-lasting relief for patients with irritable bowel syndrome characterized by diarrhea and bloating, researchers from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center reported Monday at a New Orleans meeting during what is known as Digestive Diseases Week. ... Read More

Them bones, them bones, them dry bones

As a person whose suffered mult. fractures (toes, fingers, thumb - that was a tough one, foot, wrist, etc.) due to various sports & other injuries, I can personally attest to the value inherent in this discovery.
While I'm not looking forward to my next break, hoping this compound will be aroun... Read More

UCLA researchers use new microscope to 'see' atoms for first time

The researchers used cryo-electron microscopy to image a virus structure at a resolution high enough to effectively "see" atoms, the first published instance of a virus image at such a resolution. Read More

Mosquitoes inherit DEET resistance

The indifference of some mosquitoes to a common insect repellent is due to an easily inherited genetic trait that can be rapidly evolved by later generations, a new study suggests.

By selective breeding, James Logan and colleagues at Rothamsted Research in Harpenden, UK, created strains of Ae... Read More

Fighting fungal infections with bacteria

A bacterial pathogen can communicate with yeast to block the development of drug-resistant yeast infections, say Irish scientists writing in the May issue of Microbiology. The research could be a step towards new strategies to prevent hospital-acquired infections associated with medical implants... Read More

Disease caused by insect bites can be transmitted to children at birth

A North Carolina State University researcher has discovered that bacteria transmitted by fleas -- and potentially ticks -- can be passed to human babies by the mother, causing chronic infections and raising the possibility of bacterially induced birth defects. Read More

Capitol Hill briefing to focus on Denmark's ban on routine antibiotic use in food animal production

On May 4, the Pew Campaign on Human Health and Industrial Farming, in collaboration with Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), Representative Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) and Representative Howard Berman (D-Calif.), will host Capitol Hill briefings on Denmark’s experience in ending the routine use o... Read More

BacterioFiles Episode 11

In this show, I report on four exciting stories: a probiotic bacteria that can fight cancer, bacteria in dust that affect asthma, microbes living in a lake of asphalt, and a census of marine microorganisms.

... Read More

Probiotics - Big Sales Precede the Science

Experts say there's good evidence that probiotics can help people with irritable bowel, diarrhea, and urinary tract infections and emerging research suggests that probiotics may ease symptoms of allergies (both food and respiratory) and boost the immune system.

But as often happens in the Uni... Read More

Bakers Obsess Over Pedigree of Yeasty 'Starters'

The Wall Street Journal has an amusing article out on bakers and their relationship with "starters."

"Happy is no ordinary pet. He is a sourdough "starter"—a blob of wet flour, colonized by yeast and bacteria—that lives on her kitchen counter. Home bakers increasingly are using starters, whi... Read More

Seeding Naturally Occuring Bacteria Could Help Clean Oil Spill Read more: Seeding Naturally Occuring Bacteria Could Help Clean Oil Spill

Almost two weeks after the disaster started, the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico is still gushing up to 10,000 barrels of oil into the ocean every day. Efforts by BP and the US government to stop leakage have come up with empty hands, however it turns out one of the keys to cleanup might... Read More

Leptin joins the fight in the battle against Sepsis

Sepsis is a highly dangerous - very often lethal - inflammatory condition caused by the body's response to microbes in the blood, lungs, or other areas. Even with ICU treatment involving antibiotics & fluids in large doses, 20-35% of patients suffering from severe sepsis die inside 30 days. 40... Read More

Infection comes first in cystic fibrosis

Aided by a new experimental model, scientists are a step closer to understanding how cystic fibrosis (CF) causes lung disease in people with the condition. The findings, published online April 28 in the journal Science Translational Medicine, could help improve treatments for lung disease, which... Read More
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