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FDA panel members support continued use of both rotavirus vaccines despite trace contaminants

Members of a Food and Drug Administration advisory committee meeting Friday urged physicians to continue using both commercial rotavirus vaccines despite evidence that both carry trace contaminants from a harmless pig virus. The panel did not take a formal vote on a recommendation, but a majorit... Read More

Is This What Aliens Look Like?

A lake of asphalt may be the closest thing on Earth to the hydrocarbon seas on Saturn's moon Titan -- and our asphalt lakes are teeming with microbial life.

Not only could these findings help in the search for aliens in our own solar system, but they could provide insight into the evolution ... Read More

Unmasking Anthrax for Immune Destruction

Anthrax-causing bacteria can be engineered to shed their invisibility cloaks, making it easier for the immune system to eradicate it, according to a new study published in Microbiology. The work could lead to new measures to treat anthrax infection in the event of a biological warfare attack.

... Read More

FDA Press Release on Lettuce Recall

Freshway Foods1 of Sidney, Ohio, announced today a voluntary recall of certain romaine lettuce products because of the possible connection between the recalled romaine lettuce and an outbreak of foodborne disease. FDA supports this action by Freshway Foods. The outbreak, which is still under in... Read More

Indonesia: Avian flu infects two, kills one

The Indonesian government has confirmed two positive cases of avian influenza (H5N1) infection between February and April this year, killing one of them.

The first case caused the death of a four-year old girl from the Riau capital of Pekanbaru She tested positive for the H5N1 on April 28 and... Read More

Infection with Mayaro virus in a French traveller returning from the Amazon region, Brazil

Mayaro virus (MAYV) disease is a mosquitoborne zoonosis endemic in humid forests of tropical South America. MAYV is closely related to other alphaviruses that produce a dengue-like illness accompanied by long-lasting arthralgia. A French tourist developed high-grade fever and severe joint manife... Read More

Biological means to help control cassava diseases

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) has announced a new project that will enable the use of biological means to control Bemisia tabaci whitefly that has ruined cassava production. The whiteflies, which are driving a dual viral epidemic including cassava mosaic disease (CMD... Read More

Outer layer of ‘crust’ keeps bacterial spores secure

Bacterial spores, the most resistant organisms on earth, carry an extra coating of protection previously undetected. The finding could shed light on why spores of the bacteria that cause botulism, tetanus, and anthrax survive methods to eradicate them. Read More

Who’s the vital link in your social network? And what this may mean for disease spread

Call them bridging individuals or critical connectors, but in social networks they’re the ones who drive the flow of information from one network to another. Now researchers have figured out a way to identify them.

The researchers also believe the same holds true for communities, where bridgi... Read More

Minilab Can Quickly Identify Antibiotic Residues in Milk, Before It Leaves the Barn

No one wants antibiotic residues in their milk. But antibiotics are sometimes used even in the dairy barn. The routine tests conducted nowadays take hours to produce a result and do not test for all of the typical antibiotics. This gap can now be closed, thanks to a fully automated minilab devel... Read More

Get Ready for an Exciting ASM 2010 in San Diego!

This year, the American Society of Microbiology (ASM) Annual Conference is in the great city of San Diego, which also happens to be the location of many leading biotech companies, including MO BIO Laboratories. We are excited to be the host city for our favorite event of the year: ASM.

Among ... Read More

Don’t blame boats for fatal fish virus

A virus that has killed large numbers of fish in several Great Lakes since 2005 may have been present for decades. The recent finding casts doubt on the theory that ships recently introduced the deadly virus.

“Viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus (VHSV) could be in a lake without killing fish,”... Read More

Lettuce recalled in 23 states; E. coli suspected

A food company is recalling lettuce sold in 23 states and the District of Columbia because of an E. coli outbreak that has sickened at least 19 people, three of them with life-threatening symptoms.

The Food and Drug Administration said Thursday that 12 people had been hospitalized, and the fe... Read More

Evolution: 1, Computer designers: 0

Nothing like dynamiting a commonplace metaphor & getting some interesting research in the bargain. To be fair, E. Coli & other organisms have spent millions of years in competition to survive, while we've only been building computers for about 60-odd years. Still though, perhaps this will help... Read More

Well-trained immune cells keep HIV in check

A computer model proposes a solution to a long-standing mystery in HIV research -- why a small percentage of people infected with the virus never develop full-blown AIDS. The answer lies in how the immune cells that recognize invaders are educated, and suggests new strategies for designing an HI... Read More

Out, damn'd decision: Hand washing helps us live with our choices

Shakespeare's Lady Macbeth could never wash away the guilt of murder from her hands, but research has shown that the simple act of hand washing—or even using a wipe—can in fact help people clean their conscience of dirty deeds. A new study, published online May 6 in Science, reveals the power of... Read More

You Are Your Bacteria

After a trip to Peru last year, microbiologist Rob Knight came home with a horrendous case of traveler's diarrhea. He took some antibiotics and quickly recovered. But because Knight had been participating in one of his own studies of the human microbiome--the diverse collection of bacteria and o... Read More

El podcast del microbio Nº 101: Hojas Verdes

In the Nº 101 of the "El podcast del microbio" I made a resume of the role of Wolbachiain the Plant green-island phenotype as appeared in th... Read More

Platypus could hold the key to beating drug-resistant superbugs

The humble platypus could hold the key to beating drug-resistant superbugs and help battle climate change, Australian scientists have discovered.

Researchers at Victoria’s Department of Primary Industries are the first in the world to isolate, synthesize and test a number of platypus proteins... Read More

State Microbes

Not long ago, I was interviewed twice (click here and here) by Michelle Norris of National Public Radio’s All Things Considered regarding the burning issue of state microbes. The first interview was in response to the news that the state of Wisconsin’s State Assembly passed a bill proclaiming L... Read More

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