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A #microbe by any other name would smell as sweat?

Blog post discussing Discovery Magazine article about smells of microbes.

A to Z of microbial epidemiology / pathogens by Jennifer Gardy

A wonderful musical A - Z of nasty microbes and related topics. By Jennifer Gardy and friends.

Lessons from the ASM meeting (#ASM2012)

Some lessons and notes from the ASM meeting from Jonathan Eisen on "The Tree of Life"

Notes from the GSC13 session on "Microbiology of the Built Environment"

Notes and links relating to meeting of the Genomics Standards Consortium (GSC13) session on microbiology of the built environment.

Collection of microbe-themed blogs and podcasts

A collection of links to blogs and podcasts that either focus entirely on microbes or partially on microbes. Other suggestions wanted.

TEDMED talk on the human microbiome

Talk by Jonathan Eisen at TEDMED2012 meeting on "The microbes among us."

What microbes are lurking in your fish tank?

Blog post discussing recent paper on studies of microbes in salt and fresh water aquarium filters.

Should barcoding researchers give more credit/attention to microbial studies?

Blog post about new paper on barcoding that the blogger (me) suggests does not give enough credit to work on rRNA surveys and metagenomics in microbes.

Interview with Jack Gilbert about his paper on "Defining seasonal marine microbial community dynamics"

A mini interview with Jack Gilbert, lead author of a new paper on Defining seasonal marine microbial community dynamics

The Tree of Life: Microbiology Artwork

Microbiology artwork from artologica.

OMG – Nooooooooooooo. There are GERMS in fast food restaurant play areas

Blog post from http://microbe.net about story on play areas

Hydrogen as a fuel? No this is not about cars, this is about animals and their symbionts in the deep sea

Post from the "Tree of Life" blog by Jonathan Eisen about new work on deep sea symbioses

Drivers of bacterial à-diversity depend on spatial scale

PDF of recent "Open Access" PNAS paper on bacterial biogeography. The paper (of which I am an author) made use of rRNA PCR to survey bacteria in salt marshes. The bacteria were surveyed broadly (using broadly targeted PCR primers) and narrowly (using primers that focused on specific ...

Experimenting with posting PDF of a paper to MicrobeWorld

Posting my paper "Stalking the Fourth Domain in Metagenomic Data: Searching for, Discovering, and Interpreting Novel, Deep Branches in Marker Gene Phylogenetic Trees" as a resources to Microbe World.

Some general tips for how to keep up w/ American Society for Microbiology Mtg #ASM2011

A blog post discussing some ways to keep track of what is going on at the ASM General meeting.

Panel concludes UN personnel likely introduced cholera to Haiti #genomics

A blog post from the Microbiology of Built Environments Network discussing UN report on Cholera outbreak in Haiti.

Yes, Virginia, your soap and dispenser are not actually clean #shocking #microBEnet

A blog post from the Microbiology of Built Environments Network discussing new study of microbes in soap dispensers.

Compiling a list of reporters who cover #microbiology stories well; suggestions wanted

I am attempting to compile a list of reporters who do a good job covering microbiology related topics. I have compiled a partial list and am soliciting additional suggestions.

Glimpses of the fourth domain

Carl Zimmer's blog post about new PLoS One paper (by me) on searching for phylogenetically novel organisms in metagenomic data. Zimmer as usual does a nice job of putting scientific work in a broader perspective.

Probiotics are the new viagra & the risks of overselling of probiotics

Blog by me (Jonathan Eisen) discussing how there is a lot of misleading and sketchy information out there relating to probiotics.

Detailed discussion of Human Microbiome Project Conference

A behind the scenes look at the recent Human Microbiome Project conference

Tree of Life Blog: Overselling the microbiome award #2: The Marshall Protocol

A discussion of the "Marshall Protocol" which is a claimed treatment for all sorts of ailments. The article discusses how the MP backers suggests not only that microbes cause a wide diversity of ailments, but that a specific protocol can cure these ailments. The article discusses the lack ...

Feedback requested on the Importance of Finishing (Microbial) Genomes

For those interested in sequencing and/or using microbial genomes, I am requesting input from the community on what you see as the benefits that can come from finishing microbial genomes as opposed to just doing the "shotgun" phase of sequencing (more detail is described on the blog post).

New Nature paper on a "Phylogeny driven genomic encyclopedia of bacteria and archaea"

My new paper in Nature (using a Creative Commons license so anyone has access to it) on a "Phylogeny Driven Genomic Encyclopedia of Bacteria and Archaea." In this paper we describe our project to fill in the gaps in the tree of life (of bacteria and archaea" with genome ...
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