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Knight Science Journalism Tracker review of TWiM Episode 32 with Rosie Redfield

"Take a listen to four very savvy and plain-talking biologists chatting on their business at an inside-the-academy site called This Week in Microbiology, and more specifically at episode TWiM 32. There host and Columbia U. faculty member Vincent Racaniello and two colleagues talk of arsenic and Mono Lake with a famed myth-buster, zoology associate prof and microbiology lab boss Rosie Redfield of the University of British Columbia.

The topic, now old hat but still fascinating in this rehash, is the late-2010 paper that for a few days had many people, including a few science writers, excited by chances that in a brutally saline and arsenic-rich California desert lake east of Yosemite are bacteria that swap arsenic for phosphorus in their metabolic gears, even in their DNA."

Click "source" to read the entire review.

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