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At Microsoft's Garage science fair: Simulated bacteria and a mood ring for your mobile

At Microsoft, even the security team gets in on the science fair.

Today, Microsoft held one of its periodic The Garage science fairs and we got to attend. The Garage is Microsoft's program where employees work together on side projects during off hours. The results of those collaborations sometimes make it into Microsoft products. (Occasionally, some are released on their own to the public, such as Mouse Without Borders -- a mouse that reaches across several PCs -- that's free to download.)

The science fair -- which The Garage hosts about six times a year -- is a chance for project creators to show their work to colleagues and higher-ups at the company.

Today's fair -- focused on the cloud and held in The Commons Mixer Building on the Microsoft campus -- featured 57 booths displaying everything from a cloud-enabled emotion sensor for Windows Phone to DIY weather forecasts. Employees from various departments participated, from Microsoft Research to Bing to Office.

Joining them for the first time were members of the global security group -- the folks in charge of physical security for the people and property on campus. They were showing off their invention: Project Good Samaritan.

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  1. That is so cool! I would love to work for a company that allowed for outside interests like these!

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