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How to streak a plate as narrated by a vampire

While this instructional video is good, the narrator's "dracula" accent is downright silly. Click source to learn how to successfully streak a plate and to watch out for common problems associated with the technique.

Comments (3)

  1. The quality of the video and content is good but I think I must be missing the inside joke because I have no idea why he is narrating in a vampire voice. While it does provide some comedy relief, the vampire laugh creeps me out lol. That said, I think if you wanted to learn how to streak an agar plate this would be a good video to view and if you want a good laugh, explain to people what you just watched, vampire voice included.
  2. Just a comment as towards the "accent." I'd say he sounds more like Igor rather than a vampire. Other than that, it is a nice instructional video towards how to streak plate. I may link this back over to my old microbio professor, since he enjoys trying to find ways to integrate things like this into his lectures.
  3. CJ, the source site for this video has a lot of great instructional and informational videos. The problem is that they are hard to find on there. The site itself is a virtual textbook that is part of Microbiology 102, an introductory laboratory course for non-majors at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Here is the home page

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