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Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes Explained

In a recent article I submitted ("It’s time retire the prokaryote"), the authored proposed that most of us don't know what a prokaryote is and in fact the term as a whole is flawed and should be retired by all microbiologists. Since I'm not a microbiologist by trade, he was right, at least on the first point, I could not, at that time, tell you what a prokaryote was. Therefore I went out and found this video which does a great job at explaining both the prokaroyte and the eukaryote. On this issue of retiring the term, it seems to me that it still has a place in science and as the professor in this video explains, it should not be ignored. Perhaps it's an issue of semantics but as it stands, in my limited knowledge, I vote the prokaryote stays. Although I must mention that apparently the spell check doesn't recognize the prokaryote, as a term, either. So maybe there is something to it:) The jury is still out.

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