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Indian mycologists discover world's most heat-resistant fungi

In a significant discovery that can be a major breakthrough in biotechnology, Indian mycologists have discovered fungi spores, considered as being able to withstand a temperature of 100-115 degrees celsius. Spores are reproductive cells capable of developing into a new individual without fusion with another reproductive cell. The team of fungi researchers found the heat-resistant spores in dead leaves.

"It took us around one and a half years to arrive at our conclusion. It is a preliminary but significant finding. It is reported for the first time that fungi spores can survive even 115 degrees Celsius," TS Surayanarayanan, director of the Vivekananda Institute of Tropical Mycology (VINSTROM), said.

The fungi are among the most heat-resistant eukaryotes (organisms with a membrane-bound nucleus) on record, he said. They have been named 'Agni's Fungi' after the Hindu god of fire.

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  1. great post! I'm surprised that they discovered such a fungi! thank you for sharing this!

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