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C. diff Colonization Accompanied by Changes in Gut Microbiota: Study Hints at Probiotics As Treatment

More from the world of the ecology of the gut microbes. Infants negative for C. difficile had Bifidobacterium longum in their GI tract (positive infants did not) while infants positive for C. difficile had other species, such as Klebsiella pneumonia, that the negative infants didn't.

Researchers believe that the differences in the populations are related to an encounter with C. difficile spores.

Probiotics and fecal transplation have been shown to combat C. difficile infections by reconstituting microbial ecology.

This makes me wonder a few things:
Will the recent classification of "gut types" show that one is more or less susceptible to colonization by C. diff?
Is there a difference in the responses of breastfed vs. formula-fed infants to C. diff?
(My apologies if these questions are naive. I'm just starting out in this field...)

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