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KEGG pathways analysis of the Herpes simplex host viral interactome

During its life cycle the HSV-1 virus interacts with a large number of host proteins, catalogued at http://www.polygenicpathways.co.uk/herpeshost.html. KEGG pathway analysis of these human proteins reveals the expected types of pathways, including endocytosis, actin related paythways, protein processing etc that are used by the virus during its visits to various cellular compartments.
Viral interaction with these host proteins will evidently influence their normal function. The human proteins affected by the virus are implicated in many disease networks, including Alzheimer's disease and cancer pathways, perhaps explaining how viral infection can be a risk factor in such conditions. Other pathways affected include the networks used by other infectious agents, (Toxoplasmosis , amoebiasis among others) suggesting that viral infection could influence that of other pathogens.

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