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Audio interview by Microbe magazine Current Topics and Features editor Jeff Fox with Douglas Theobald of Brandeis University.


Microbe magazine Current Topics and Features Editor Jeff Fox talks with Douglas Theobald of Brandeis University about Theobald's work testing the he notion of a universal common ancestry (UCA) for all species.


His recent effort, which he calls "the first, to my knowledge, formal, fundamental test of UCA," is based on a close look at 23 highly conserved proteins taken from groups that span the three domains of life- eukaryotes, bacteria, and archaea. That test "overwhelmingly supports UCA, irrespective of the presence of horizontal gene transfer and symbiotic fusion events," he concludes. "These results provide powerful statistical evidence corroborating the monophyly of all known life." Details describing that analysis were published 13 May 2010 Nature (465:219-222).


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