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Two Fresh Sleeves of LB/Tet Plates

Here's what you can get out of about a liter of LB agar. They have a very low concentration of Tetracycline in them to allow for a more permissive growth pattern. All in a night's work!

Comments (2)

  1. I get almost that out of 250ml... I am known for pouring thin and my differential media works better when poured thin, which is good considering how expensive it is!
  2. Mmm, yeah fair enough. If I were pouring EXACTLY 10mLs in each plate I'd probably get 100 plates from each liter, but there are little things like avoiding dropping the stir bar from the bottom that cut down on my productivity a little. Also, I kind of like thicker plates for now since I'm trying to encourage growth as much as possible...been getting fairly small, wimpy colonies recently :P I did just start using a 2L flask with a very narrow (think chemistry-oriented) neck that is just perfect for precise pouring :)

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