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Fungus on toilet seat

Fungus on toilet seat.JPG
Culturing microbes on nutrient plate and testing for different kind of microbes on specific environment areas. This inoculated nutrient plate that was left for a period of 14 days showed the present of a few different kind of fungus species. It’s common to think that the human palm contains more microbes than any other environments due to the susceptible tangibility of human hands to everything. However, this plate with sample from toilet seat showed the contradiction between human palm and the toilet seat contamination. Based on our result, the nutrient plate with a human palm sample showed no fungus presented at all compared to toilet seat nutrient plate with five different kinds of fungus. Observation: whole-colony appearance – circular, irregular, filamentous, and rhizoid; Margin – entire, filamentous, and undulate; Elevation – flat, raised, and umbonate; Diameter: 6.00cm – 1.00cm with height between 1.00cm – 0.05cm.

Comments (5)

  1. What are the identified fungi? Were any of these fungal species identified?
  2. Nope, we did not identify them. We were only identifying the morphology of them and the number of the different kinds.
  3. we posted this to ASM's Instagram, Twitter, and FB page yesterday! thanks for sharing and if you have anymore, send them in!
  4. Thank you for the opportunity, I appreciated it. I will make srue to sumit more of the interesting things.
  5. a clearer view

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