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TWiM 17 Letters

Marko writes:

thanks a lot for this great podcast. I'm already listening to podcasts several hours a day and until now the science-component was missing a bit. However, now with Twim, Twip and Twiv in my feed I think I have to go for an extra walk with my dog every day.

I'm a german student of master geosciences and environment and wrote my bachelor thesis about the influence of microbicides to microorganisms in a local wastewater treatment plant. Maybe wastewater treatment could be an interesing topic for a twim episode, as far as I know there is still little known about the consortia in activated sludge.

I enjoy listening to you guys so much, keep up the great.

all the best from Greifswald,


Merry Youle writes:

I've been listening to the evolution of TWIM, week by week, and want to say that I am delighted by the direction it has gone. I listened to #11 yesterday and found the format especially informative and interesting. By format, I am referring to the selection of, in this case, two papers, both of which were introduced well Buy Viagra to orient the listener to the context and the topic. In each case there followed a real discussion among the co-hosts that was accessible to listeners with varied backgrounds. Acronyms and specialized terms were defined, or replaced by more common words.

As if that weren't enough, the viewpoints presented this week were particularly relevant and important vis a vis our microbiota, allergies, antibiotic usage, agricultural practices, and such. This information needs to be widely disseminated, and TWIM make an excellent contribution to that process.

Carry on!

All the best,

Varun writes:

All the hosts,

Am a microbiologist from India, and find your podcast very interesting. The very education and the fun you bring is awesome. I have a suggestion. Am wondering why wouldn't you start doing a "This week in mycology". I would also like to acknowledge that I and my students at times, sit together to listen to the podcast, and put our own ideas and open discussions in class. So the microbiology is more fun now, than it was before. Once again thank you for great work. Good luck for your future episodes.

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