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Ray Ortega - Comments

great video.. Thank you professor zur Hausen.
The video says nothing about the physiological foundation of the process, which is unacceptable for an educational mission.
Its a great technique. Such a great use of sea. The another method of generating electricity is using thermoelectric generators which is also as simple as using microbes.
After reading this article, I think it is wonderful that we are able to develop a hand held device to detect such a deadly disease in people within just a few minutes. This could save many lives if these people are treated early on. Perhaps people will become proactive and advocate having these tests made readily available in all countries not just the countries that we are seeing an increase in TB cases. Although, it is a wonderful advancement in technology, I have to wonder if it a matter of time before TB becomes drug resistant to the current antibiotics available today. With many diseases becoming drug resistant to currently used medications, we may end up seeing a rise in TB cases again.
Beautiful job editing, Ray! And great job Ray and Chris on the cameras.
Good video - thanks. My only website is my band's - so enjoy! Will keep the bleach bottle handy I guess... Jennie Williams RN
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David, Thanks for the comment. I didn't find anything related to research done on turning local wetlands into sources for fuel cell technology but it's an interesting concept. I did come across this news story from March 2010 where residents express concern for what they view as a possible danger of fuel cell technology: http://fuelcellsworks.com/news/2010/03/21/trumbull-residents-seek-siting-council-changes-from-a-planned-fuel-cell-facility/ It seems more like a NIMBY situation than an actual hazard. Thanks again and I'll keep my eyes peeled for more stories like these. We're certainly going to need all the help we can get when it comes to powering the planet cleanly. Fortunately I think microbes have amazing potential to help us out.
Has anyone looked into developing fuel cells in wetland environments, i.e. swamps? I live in NWPA and we have lots of natural wetlands in this region. It would be interesting to think we might be able to develop a power source in our own backyards.
A fecal transplant (FT) pretty much saved my uncle's life. He had the C. diff colitis infection and was in progressive decline. About 3 days after the FT he started feeling normal again…. get the word out! Even Stephen Colbert reported on this new procedure… check it out here: http://fecaltransplant.info/fecal-transplant-therapy-mentioned-on-the-colbert-report/   Visit my advocacy blog for more information at http://fecaltransplant.info
Thanks for the feedback. I found the originating link and updated the article to be an excerpt only linking back to the page which includes a video.
I don't think you are supposed to cut and paste the entire article even if it is yours. If it is used with permission, I think that should be noted. This article looks like it was credited to Kathleen Phillips @ Texas A&M. I would hate my writings to not be credited.
Great video! It visually depicts the concept of quorum sensing in a nutshell (or in this case under a minute).
It's a great discovery. I think that discoveries like this and a win in the New7Wonders of Nature (you can vote here: www.facebook.com/VoteDeadSea )will bring more funds to research the place.
Archaea are not bacteria. They are, however, both prokaryotes.
Funny how bacteria can be so scary. San Francisco Locksmith San Francisco Plumber
Kudos to you,Dr Ian Singleton for this discovery and also for the recommendations highlighted. For now, i strongly feel ( or suggest) that the usage of ozone for preservation of fruits and vegetables should be restricted possibly for industrial or commercial purposes only. This is because the local farmers may not be able to administer it in the required concentrations ;unlike in the industries where effective monitoring could be done by the quality-control personnels.Effort should also be made to ensure or confirm that ozone does not have any adverse effect on the genetic make-up and the nutritive values of these fruits and vegetables.
James, Thanks for watching the video and commenting. I agree, no more batteries would be awesome! Perhaps in the future we'll all have small tanks in our homes recharging mini fuel cells that power our homes. An aquarium that works for us;)
Really awesome microbe! No more batteries...YAY!
This is a fantastic video. Really well done.
There are an unfortunate number of states listed here that received a grading of "F." It's interesting however to read why they got an "F." For instance, most cases reported in Arizona are caused by norovirus and are a result of recreation activities in the water.
Hi I think it's a little early to say that. The last Global Rinderpest Eradication Programme report says that they finished the field work. The global declaration of erradication will be in may 2011. Two years after the last vaccine inoculated in cattle. See: http://www.fao.org/ag/againfo/programmes/en/grep/home.html http://www.fao.org/ag/againfo/resources/documents/AH/GREP_flyer.pdf Regards
These scientist are not smart enough! Introducing a mosquito to the wild and then waht? Do the researchers really think that the mosquitos can survive in the competition? How can this mosquitoes eradicate other current not proof malaria mosquitoes? Anyway, this is not the solution!
[b][/b]It is an old story and since mid sixties of the last century. I joined in part as a PhD student at the university of Manchester UK 1970-1973. As long as there are a commercial and scientific approches the first will always win by at least by fideling or overshadowing or delaying the approval of the scientific findings. GOD HELP US.
Very interesting video. Important to watch if you are serious about getting into the podcast production.
FYI - on Tues. May 25th at noon PT we will be live streaming an interview with Jay Evans, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Beltsville, Maryland about colony collapse disorder.
Nathan Wolfe talks quite a bit about bush meat and virus transmission in this live talk that was recently hosted by the Koshland Science Museum in DC.
Thanks for the comment. According to the article (click "source" read) it has to do with the antibodies produced by the body in reaction to strep. These antibodies have been shown to still be present in the blood once strep has been cleared from our systems. And in animals they are seeing deposits of these antibodies left in the brain. Check out the article and search for the others, using keywords, that we have posted here on the site to get a more complete vision of what might be going on with strep and the mind.
why would strep cause OCD. I don't see any relation between the two.
I'm a not so recent graduate student in microbiology at ISU and I am going to have to side with Chris on this. Depending on the ingredients and conditions that pizza is stored under it could potentially become unsafe to eat and I would not be willing to risk my reputation on that one. I am not sure if your statement about being a microbiology undergrad means that you are a freshman or if it means you are a recent graduate but you really should be more careful throwing around advice, remember that with great education comes great responsibility. When I give food safety advice I tend to lean on the side of caution. I worked in the food industry for 4 years and our motto was the classic, "When in doubt throw it out." That said the Chef in this video goes to an extreme, most food microbiologists would never suggest throwing food out if it is properly stored after only one day. When I discuss microbiology with people I try to emphasize that most bacteria are harmless but at the same time give them tips and strategies on how they can protect themselves and their families from the ones that can cause illness. I always try and determine the situation that person and their family is in when I do this and balance the information I give people because I do not want them to be scared but safe and informed.
Thanks for the great feedback David. I agree that throwing food out after one day in the fridge is a little extreme, but I feel it's better to be cautious when it comes to foodborne illness. Please note that there is a disclaimer in the credits that points out all statements and opinions are not to be considered official statements of the Society. In the next food-related video we do, we'll make sure to consider your well thought out observations. As far as eating pizza that's been left out all night, I wouldn't touch it. But hey, that's me. I myself have had a serious bout of foodborne illness that required hospitalization, so I am probably a little more wary than most folks. The golden rule is that you shouldn't consume food that has been left out for more than two hours.
I'm a recent microbiologist undergrad from OSU. I have worked in the Food Industry for almost 3 years. I watched this video and felt it was teaching people to be overly cautions with food. They guy who said he throws food away after one day is crazy. I always tell my friends its OK to eat pizza that was left out over night. When you are considering food safety, you have to keep in mind what you are trying to avoid. There are only a small handful of microbes that will cause food-poisoning. And the only way for that pathogen to get in your food is if it's there in the first place. If you drop raw chicken on your pizza and leave it out overnight.....then yes you will probably get sick. Pathogens don't appear out of thin air, they have to be present in the first place, and depending on the conditions (temp, moisture, competing bacteria, etc..), variable time to grow to a high population. I don't want anyone to become a "germ-a-phoebe" after watching something that should be educational.
Great video! More information about phage therapy can be found at http://is.gd/4pzoz
Check out this documentary on phage therapy by the BBC if you are interested in this topic.
LOL, I was jut about to post this story and it got tagged as a duplicate. Soap it off or eat it later!
I haven't found anymore research that sheds light on introducing fungus into peppers to make them hotter. This is a relatively new discovery made by Dr. Tewksbury, a biologist at University of Washington. You can read a better synopsis of what led to this discovery here: http://www.sciencentral.com/video/2008/10/02/hot-chili-secret/ Perhaps since he is fascinated with the subject he is looking deeper into how to control the amount of hear produced by any given pepper.
Is there any more research out there on how to maximize heat in a pepper if you introduce the fungus?
I wonder if anyone who did not get a 12 out of 12 would mention that they did. Especially on a site like this.
Yeah, I also got 12/12, guess all this education is paying off, haha!
12 out of 12, which apparently 10% of the American public also got correct.
I still think it doesn't make sense to retire the term prokaryote. There are notable commonalities between Bacteria and Archaea, even though they are very divergent, and there are microbiologists studying both together. Its shorter to say "prokaryotes" instead of "Bacteria and Archaea", and this is the way this word is being used now.
Yes, this site collection of science tattoos is awesome.
For those of you who want to jump right to the article, here's the direct link http://www.sgm.ac.uk/pubs/micro_today/pdf/050903.pdf
The song in this video is "Bacteria" by Jonathan Coulton. He has a lot of great science-related songs.
LOL, at first I was like, what is this doing on MicrobeWorld?! Now I know, microbiology geek humor.
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