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ccondayan - Comments

If benefit of the standard dose is minimal, near 0, then 7 times 0 is near 0 too. The BMJ meta-study showed problematic side-effects and a small gain for Tamiflu. Here no side-effects, large gain? Small study, big conclusions? Disclosure: Kumar has a research relationship with Roche Pharmaceuticals. http://www.healio.com/infectious-disease/eacs-2013-resource-center/idn0913kumar_10_3928_1081_597x_20130901_12_1310881 Given two experimental timelines, if you can choose the moment of comparison later at will, there is great chance that there is a cutoff (here after 5 days) when one of the experiments is much better than the other. That would be bad statistics.
I really like the colors that you chose for the examples here. Do the brochures include a pop-up design? I have seen some that are double-layered and are interactive with the viewer. Luke | e-System South, LLC
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Even an especially sneaky spouse can attempt to cover their tracks but with today's technology it's next to impossible to cover all your tracks. They may rely on cell phone communications to hide their infidelity but handheld digital forensics can recover deleted , pics , text messages and caller ID information.
Whether or not creating plans at move by car, airplane, or teach, thinking per leisure escape can be very daunting to many skilled traveler.
A man was given a jail sentence for having a friend of his submit samples for a paternity DNA test- this is an example of paternity fraud. This was clearly done in an attempt to get out of paying child support for the child that was actually his.
When it comes to auto insurance to one youthful motorist, be sure to supply the insurance provider along with regarding the verification regarding might entitle on motorist on a price reduction.
This new world order is driven by industries including, mobile applications, freelance outsourcing, gaming and outlets like the iTunes® store. Comprised mostly of individuals and small teams, these smaller merchants and developers represent the "democratization" of modern day e-commerce.
Many people never consider the influence obtained regarding environment simply by using each day devices. Regardless you understand that it or not, numerous things you will do influence the environment.
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Any progress on TWiV transcripts? I have a deaf student in my virology course and would like to use this great resource! Daniel P deRegnier, MS, MT(ASCP) | Assoc Professor/Program Coordinator Clinical Laboratory Sciences | Ferris State University 200 Ferris Dr VFS210A | Big Rapids, MI 49307
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Hats off to his enormous contribution towards Microbiology including Virology. He developed a unique unity of understanding the research as well as researchers.
This video broadcast documentary really a wonderful initiative by ASM
"The backstory: The man was three weeks into a road trip and could have passed this fast-acting, apparently lethal bug on to any number of people." Exactly how do you suppose that the anthrax bacteria would be transmitted to any number of people? Quit scaring folks. "There is no evidence of person-to-person transmission of anthrax. Quarantine of affected individuals is not recommended." http://textbookofbacteriology.net/Anthrax_5.html
I guess this supports my belief that viruses are not alive. Because poliovirus has been made from 'off-the-shelf-chemicals': see Link Texthttp://www.virology.ws/2009/11/18/viruses-and-journalism-off-the-shelf-chemicals/
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Hi Jim, the Bambuser test screen is just the embed of the live stream player from Bambuser.com. The counter is actually the current time. When we go live from ICAAC the test screen will disappear and be replaced by video from the event.
What's the Bambuser test screen? And the counter on it?
Hola Catalina, soy colombiano y fan de los postcats del mundo de los microbios, quisiera poder contactarme contigo porque estoy interesado en estudios de doctorado en el campo de nuevas alternativas en antibioterapia. Mi correo es royer94@gmail.com. Agradecería tu contacto. Chao
This is a follow up for Alberto. Unfortunately our partners who created the app tell us that while they "know it is frustrating for international users there isn't much they can do about it right now." I'll keep you posted if anything changes in the near future.
Saw on the Sundance Channel - only caught part of it - what I saw was very interesting - worthwhile information about mushrooms. I copied part of it until I can see all of it.
Hi Alberto Catalana, I will look into it and post back here as soon as I find out. I see no reason why they can't.
Unfortunately the Android apps are not available in Australia because the Amazon AppStore is restricted to within the USA. Can these apps be made available on the Google apps store?
We are running a bit late. Please be patient.
I've enjoy listening to your your TWIP podcast. You are a wonderful story teller and though I have worked in this field a bit as well, I never fail to learn something. I listen in the car on Sticher. My kids think I'm weird but they like it too. In the episode today (1MAR12) on dracunculosis, you made the natural connection that we come across cylops both in the Malaria and the Guinea Worm programs, but in the Podcast you said a couple times that mosquito larvae eat the cyclops and I think you probably meant the converse. We add cyclops to family water jars in Cambodia, to eat the mosquito larvae. Anyway keep up the great work. You strike a nice balance of making the field more approachable, while keeping it interesting enough even for the grouches. Best regards, Allan Allan Robbins, DIH, MPH
Local DMV area getting hit too. GW campus reporting at least 85 cases in the last few days.
I think the issue is that if you fact check with the author of the study you are writing about you risk getting a biased assessment. However, this doesn't mean you shouldn't fact check it with an independent source.
I think it's a great idea to check facts in science-related stories; I cannot understand why the writers are so opposed to this practice. I checked Rebecca Skloot's 'Immortal Life' in this way and I am sure she is grateful. I've also done it for Trine, as we reveal in TWiV 149.
Sorry: http://www.manetec-52.de/apps/amicbase_drugs-online/base.nsf That's the complete link to AmicBase. Or via www.reviewscience.com A.Pauli
Check out older antibiotics against Neisseria gonorrhoeae. There are many with activity formerly -- and today? Have all these drugs been tested in the antibiogram ? Over 400 tests are saved in AmicBase against this organism: http://www.manetec-52.de Best regards Alexander Pauli
Indeed, the empowerment of the internet for scientists is quite well known - it allows us to reach many more people than we ever have in our careers. Many scientists are blogging and podcasting and reaching new audiences, which appreciate the direct contact. This is why we just passed one million downloads on TWiV. It would be useful to emphasize such success stories as examples of what scientists can be doing.
I think that Brian Malow is great and I have quoted him a lot on the european biotechnologist blog . I have also found another video which is funny yet makes (what I believe to be) a subtle political statement regarding the use of animals in scientific research. Check out Tofu mice: science for vegans
This video is amazing!!! It is so imformative and iteresting and i love the use of this animation!
Date of Carl's talk: Thursday, October 14, 2010 Cost: Free
Both missing videos "Global Warming May Spur New Fungal Diseases" and "Influenza surveillance: Should we be monitoring swine herds?" are now posted for your viewing pleasure.
a lot*, obviously.
I agree, that was a ot of fun. Made my week.
Thanks so much to everybody involved in the making of ASM Live! For all of us who couldn't make it to San Diego, it was great to be able to watch the interviews live -- and even to ask questions to the interviewees! Please keep the good work.
Baahaahaaa.....very cute and very funny!! Good job!
Do to our server crash the recording for "Influenza surveillance: Should we be monitoring swine herds?" did not happen.
This is an amazing story, and I'm looking forward to know how it ends. That is, I'm curious about the identity of the bacteria and, of course, the source of contamination -- and why the water companies didn't notice the problem...
The ASM Live recording for "Global Warming May Spur New Fungal Diseases" crashed in mid-stream. Unfortunately, it is not available for post viewing.
Let's not forget that Dr. Shenk was instrumental in bringing TWiV to microbeworld.org. Which then lead to TWiP.
This combines two of my favorite things, microbes and mineralogy.
That explains a lot. My guy wonders why he's so popular with mosquitoes. I'd like to see a study with drinkers of Captain and Coke next.
Thanks Chris! Good tips before ASM. I'll summarize and link it to an article at MO BIO's blog too.
California could be the Cyanobacteria Synechococcus CC9311 , found in the coastal waters of the Pacific: Surf’s Up—And One Coastal Microbe Has Adapted http://bit.ly/9zUPXW
Alan Cann of Microbiology Bytes may have said it best on his Twitter response.
This is a colossal waste of money, given that there are many free tools available on the web that enable social interaction among scientists. The funds would have been far better spent supporting the research of new scientists.
I love how the fake April fools item makes it to the top of the most popular submissions on the site. And yes Ramy, PLoS is certainly one of the more innovative journals out there. But more and more are following their example. ASM's new mBio is a case in point. There is also Nature's Preceedings which is similar in spirit to the faux news release from AAAS.
Regardless of the April fools factor, such journal won't be really needed because all this innovation is almost done by PLoS journals...
Here's Facebook's follow up to the study.
It really doesn't sound like news to me. I believe parents put more time into teaching girls to be more clean than they do with boys. You should never forget to wash your hand when you go to the restroom even if you don't actually "go" or you just go in to use the mirror because there are lots of bacterias.
This is a great take on this very important issue. I think I am going to need to get a copy of that book and if it is as good as it seems from the video it'll be something I will recommend for all parents to read. And that little curly haired blond boy is totally adorable!
Ha, ha! What a great film! I love old Disney movies. But it's so sad that, after 66 years, malaria still brings sickness and misery to millions of people around the world...
Has anyone ever gotten a shot from one of these? Do they hurt?
No... the FDA is not trying to ban the sale of raw oysters. They are trying to make raw oysters safe by requiring them to be post harvest processed so that 15 or more individuals do not continue to die each year. I don't understand why that is so hard to understand and I don't understand why articles such as this one is wrongly portraying what the FDA is trying to do. There is NO BAN proposed by the FDA, simply guidelines on the processing and sale of raw oysters. My father died from eating raw oysters and he was not aware of that the risks of raw oysters included death from contracting a flesh eating bacteria through raw oysters. It is the FDA's responsibility to keep people safe. '
Best research equipment commercial EVER!
Very funny! Not quite how I would clean up a radioactive spill though ;)
More information about phage therapy can be found here: http://is.gd/4pzoz
wow wow wow wow thgis is so cool dude
This is an awesome bit of investigation. I can't believe the ending, but hopefully there will be continued enforcement.
Yea no kidding if guys don't wash their hands that's just sick, I'm sorry but i would feel so grossed out if guy touched me after the bathroom trip and didn't wash his hands. I think that females wash their hands more frequently because they cook and clean and no one likes having sticky hands.
Since i have been a kid handwashing has been a must for me. Now knowing the facts about why we need clean hands i am so happy i was a weird kid. Handwashing is so important to live a healthy life.
Handwashing is essential to wellness. It keeps the bad bacteria down and the good bacteria safe. I know everyone is using the alcohol based sanitizer, but that kills the good bacteria that you need to stay healthy.
Yuk! Of course it is the guys fault. They most times have to touch themselves when they use the restroom. Then if they don't wash their hands & touch everything else...so yuk! It is gross when women don't wash their hands either but most times they are not touching themselves. Sandra
My dad brews his own beer, my mom isn't too happy about it, she would kill me if I told him about this!
It would be great to get a good effective as well as safe adjuvant approved in the US. If it costs less than the vaccine itself there is a chance it could lower the costs of the vaccinations it is in by lowering the amount needed per patient.
Dr. Pace came to Iowa State as a guest speaker in our Interdepartmental Microbiology Program seminar last year and presented his findings on this topic and others. One area they have also tested with similar findings is heated indoor swimming pools. The seminar ends around 5:00pm and I normally attend a water aerobics class at 5:30pm that day of the week and so wore my bathing suit on under my clothes so I could walk to the gym after seminar. I found it funny attending a seminar discussing how heated indoor pools and shower heads (particularly older ones), tend to harbor all those different species of Mycobacteria and then going to do a fitness class in a heated indoor pool and taking a shower in an old locker room with obviously old shower heads right after. He gave a very good seminar, I am glad he agreed to accept our invitation to come out here.
Check out Seattle local NBC affiliate KING5 News' report and video segment here.
That is so cool! My little sister is an artist and sometimes makes me microbiology themed pieces, I love them and the concept of the worlds of art and microbiology/science coming together. Keep up the great work Luke, and thanks for sharing this Chris.
Very well done, I will definitely be sending people this link. I really like the fact that he presented this information in a way that I feel people without a background in virology, immunology or related fields can understand it. He managed to express the importance of vaccination and disease prevention with the message that this virus is not something that people should panic over but rather keep an eye on and do what they can to prevent contracting and spreading it. I wish that this was the message sent from the beginning of this outbreak/pandemic, be concerned but don't panic. I fear now and am seeing evidence that the way the media handled this and caused so much panic over a virus that obviously has not been the killer they were saying it was has set a precedence with the public and they are no longer as likely to take news of future outbreaks as seriously as they should in a classic "boy who cried wolf" scenario. We need to be able to inform the public about potentially dangerous diseases but not cause panic that would cause way more harm than good. Personally I feel the way the media over-sensationalized this outbreak is criminal and they should be held accountable for it.
I haven't called the number. I assumed it's the director of video's number. Did you call it?
Love the video, funny and definitely addresses a personal peeve of mine, but I have a really hard time believing that 4 out of 5 people actually wash their hands after leaving the restroom. Based on personal observation it would seem like a lot less. 3 out of 5 would have surprised me quite frankly. Although I bet at least two of the five don't come close to washing properly. The only other question I have is, have you called the number left at the end? What's with that? LOL. Viral video (pun intended) is a great way to go with this subject however. There should be more like it to address other public health issues.
I'm glad you enjoyed the Falkow lecture.
This is the second of Dr. Falkow's excellent lectures on Host-Pathogen Interactions. If you are interested in how microbes can trigger cancer this again is a must view. In this video Dr. Falkow presents our current understanding of the association of CagA, synthesized by some Helicobacter, can interact with the tight junctions of the eukarytoic cells resulting in changes in signaling and motility of those cells in a very approachable format.
If you are interested in the relationships between Microbes and humans, this is a great primer on this subject. Dr. Falkow presents outstanding overview of this complex topic. This is a must view for anyone interested in this subject.
pls cnt someone tell me how much it will cost to have that wonderful piece
that is wonderful but how much is it
Being able to read an audience is an art form and takes a lot of experience, in my opinion. But that doesn't mean scientists shouldn't try. The more you communicate and learn from mistakes the better off you are for it.A lot of what this blog post talks about is the fear of ridicule from fellow scientists and the stigma of being "entertaining." It's unfortunate that people succumb to this peer pressure.Hopefully that attitude will become "sooooo 20th century." (There's my pop culture reference)
I was listening to Neil deGrasse Tyson talking about giving talks about science. And Dr. Tyson suggested part of figuring out the audience is being familiar with pop culture. Which I think is true when trying to get a general audience interested in science.
I know, I must of clicked play 10 times at least.
That is so cool! Definitely has potential for gaining insight into host-pathogen interactions.
Has any one seen this movie yet? Is it any good?
This is pretty cool, especially the idea of using the Archean as a model to understand how humans repair DNA.
I also have a solution for any leftover beer.
I would vote this comment up if we had that option!
Amazing video with great shots of Puerto Rico all in glorious high definition! Make sure to click on and watch the HD version as well. This is yet another informative MicrobeWorld video that addresses a popular and necessary topic, alternative fuels. The entire world is in need for alternatives to fossil fuels and this episode shows yet another cool approach that will not only help PR's fuel needs but their economy as well. Solving this issue will require a global solution and in this video we can see that amazing work is being done across the globe.
Good points Ray!
Here is a good pdf that deals a lot with the issue of home economics. Here is the link http://www.food.gov.uk/multimedia/pdfs/pafiover65.pdf. The article shows that people over age 65 are less likely to identify use by dates as a factor in their decision to consume. I think the respondents probably did not grow up with use by dates and therefore are simply less likely to use this as an indicator of freshness. But more likely their unwillingness to throw food out is due to the culture they grew up in. Wasting what appears to be perfectly good food in times of war and bad economies was most certainly never done unless the food was visibly tainted. I think those people 65 and older are just less likely to waste due to growing up in an era with different values. Overall and interesting study and I would like to see more of the data from the qualitative survey that was conducted. Numbers are nice but what the people actually tell you is often times more revealing.
This is an interesting study in part because I don't think it takes into account basic home economics and the recession. Prior to the market crash I was a stickler for "use by" dates, now that it's tougher to make ends meet I use the "nose" and "quick taste" test more often. Sure, I may be flirting with disaster but at least I'll have the money for my co-pay ;)
Turns out a few days later that the NY Times interviewed a researcher who debunks this story. Here's an excerpt: It is essentially a blend of Eurasian swine flu and North American swine flu, but Western hemisphere strains have had an avian segment on the PB2 gene for at least 10 years and a human component on the PB1 gene since 1993, said Henry L. Niman, a biochemist who tracks flu mutations. “The original report is correct,” Dr. Niman said of the C.D.C.’s analysis. The rumors, he added in an e-mail message, stem from “someone who really doesn’t know how to analyze sequences (or is being misquoted.)” Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/01/health/01origin.html?_r=1
This latest episode #30 covers Swine Flu in depth. It's another great episode.
I am glad this CDC link is getting around to folks.
I hope next weeks episode give more time to Swine Flu. I was expecting a lot more in this episode. Still this was a great episode. Thanks guys!
CDC just updated this to 8 people in the US as of 2:30 today.
This session is going to rock
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