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agwartney - Comments

Very interesting article.
At this point in time we haven't even established what an ideal microbiome looks like, or whether there is an ideal one in the first place. The overall diversity is only one component of the microbial community. Although we know that decreased microbial diversity is associated with certain diseases in humans, it is a bit of a stretch to conclude that apes have "apes have better gut bugs than humans" due to increased microbial diversity. Increased diversity may have decreasing benefits past a certain point. I don't see how you can conclude that apes have a better microbial community. Rather, this just shows that it is different.
So often news surrounding microbiology is of a warning nature- bacteria getting stronger, viruses getting out of control, and controversy over vaccinations. It is refreshing to read an article that wields the science behind microbiology into a positive and innovative solution to a current concern of depleting natural resources. What’s more-is that the source for this alternative energy propane is coming directly from humans. I believe harvesting would be difficult, but if devices were made that could portably harvest propane from humans, the possibilities would be exponential. Just as the influence of vaccine development reshaped how we see disease and health, this is a real application of microbiology that could impact every individual, contributing to a healthy global environment.
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This is really interesting how this virus is spread worldwide but still remain unknown. Hats off to the wonderful discovery!
Fascinating and yet really, not surprising. The more that humans alter the natural order of nature (is that redundant?), the more you can expect to see disharmony. I don't want to sound all new-agey - I'm not. It's just simple logic. Kind of like putting bighorn sheep in the mountains and then killing the mountain lions who (naturally) see them as lunch, and eat them. Well, maybe not, but you get my drift...
If you’re in doubt of any unpleasant growth in your house, you should simply assume there is a problem whenever you see mold or smell mold odors. Testing should never take the place of visual inspection (which is recommended) and it should never use up resources that are needed to correct moisture problems and remove visible growth. People used to think that molds were harmless but it isn’t. The fact is, some molds produce a toxin called aflatoxin (toxic and among the most carcinogenic substances known) that causes illness and death in people. Sometimes, mold growth is hidden and difficult or hard to locate and find. In such cases, carefully conducted sampling and visual inspection may help determine the location of contamination. However, mold testing is rarely useful for trying to answer questions or inquiries about health concerns. For more information, see mold testing services
Bacterial infections are contagious and most dangerous they spread from skin to skin contact. For treating such infections, options are very few. The stuff you have shared is amazing and thanks to you as some of my doubts get cleared.
please, can you give me others pictures for streptomyces sp.
Now that both Exophiala dermatitidis and E. phaeomuriformis has been confirmed to be opportunistic pathogens capable of causing dangerous infection in humans; effort should be geared towards eliminating them in dishwashers. This can be achieved by the development and use of chemotherapeutic agents that are particularly toxic to these pathogens. These chemotherapeutic agents can be included in formulations or as constituents of soap or detergents used in dishwashers and other washing machines likely prone to harbouring these pathogens.
Thanks Anne!
The American taxpayers have contributed a lot to medical science, such as cancer research, over the years. That investment may be paying off, as cancer death rates continue to decline, according to a brand new report. However, there are skeptics who question its conclusions. Source of article: installment loan no payday
Please ,can you really substantiate the fact that Helicobacter pylori actually protect us from allergies and asthma? I only know of its pathogenic ability to cause gastric ulcer in man.
The amoeba is Naegleria fowlerii and we discussed the infections of this type on TWiP #39: http://www.microbeworld.org/podcasts/this-week-in-parasitism/archives/1185-twip-39-i-encyst-said-the-amoeba
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Is there another type of bacterial conjugation ??
This is a really good macro picture.
Job well done to Ms. Evie Sobczak. Congratulations
Very cool! It would be great to see some of these molecules in day-to-day products.
In this "source" (http://www.whoi.edu/page.do?pid=7545&tid=3622&cid=164869). The statement “The only therapy for Lyme Disease right now are antibiotics like penicillin” is incorrect, or at least needs clarification. Doxycycline is frequently used in treatment of Lyme disease, as well as for prophylaxis against Lyme after the bite of a deer tick in humans and dogs. CDC states "Antibiotics commonly used for oral treatment include doxycycline, amoxicillin, or cefuroxime axetil. Patients with certain neurological or cardiac forms of illness may require intravenous treatment with drugs such as ceftriaxone or penicillin." (http://www.cdc.gov/lyme/Treatment/)
Wow good find. I would have missed this paper. I have always enjoyed reading about virus 'swarms', or how divergent genotypes emerge from, presumably a single genotype. Plant virologists are way ahead of animal virologists in this field, and would be interesting to see them compared. Anyways, cool find, and check out my related post about influenza swarms!
Use of Protein Antigens for Early Serological Diagnosis of Leprosy▿ http://cvi.asm.org/content/14/11/1400.abstract
This is very interesting to me because we have been battling my daughter's eczema since she was born. However, I'm not sure what to make of this article. I would think having a more diverse microbiome in the gut would be a good thing but it apparently is a large factor in infants having eczema. It's hard to tell if this article is saying this is bad (especially since they label no eczema children as "healthy") or this is just a fact and that it's not good or bad. Interesting stuff. Also seems to imply that diet could be used to affect change in their gut bacteria. Look forward to hearing more.
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Have we gone too far with disinfecting, sanitizing and sterilizing? I grew up in the 70's-80's and we cleaned with oldfashioned soap and water. There were no handsoaps or gels to cleanse our hands. And, I was a healthy child and did not have any childhood diseases except chicken pox which then, was a right of passage in childhood. I have a neighbor who thinks she can disinfect her house by scrubbing with bleach and other disinfectants. I've tried to explain the "good vs bad' bacteria and the fact that it is actually detrimental to the 'good' bacteria to blindly disinfect. Yes, we definitely need to disinfect in the obvious places such as hospitals and laboratories. But, in our homes, do we really need to wage the war that could end up hurting everyone?
I was with the Canadian Forces in 2009, was ordered to get the H1N1 shot (AREPANRIX by GSK GlaxoSmithKline) and had an adverse reaction to the vaccine. I received PERMANENT neurological, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and respiratory symptoms: dizziness, vertigo, irregular heart rhythms, shortness of breath, muscle weakness and pain, and numbness in hands and feet. My physical fitness changed from special forces fit to that of a 70 year old in a matter of days. Be informed and please choose wisely if you do plan to have your next flu shot or vaccination.
Thank you for you post on conjugative transposons! Conjugative transposons are certainly fascinating driving forces of microbial evolution. However, I think that too often the public is bombarded with information about how microbes, especially those containing antibiotic resistant traits, are evolving to harm us rather than help us, when in reality, trillions of bacteria on and within us are working to keep us alive. One example of this specifically is the gut bacteria that help us degrade the complex carbohydrates we consume. Right now, I am looking at how new polysaccharides in our diet are challenging our gut bacteria to evolve and degrade these new substrates. In fact, many carbohydrate utilization loci within the genomes of these bacteria are located on conjugative transposons and seem to have acquired their polysaccharide utilization loci via lateral gene transfer.
A very good micrograph. C.difficile , a toxin producing microbe.
PhiX was the first DNA genome ever to be sequenced
Please do not copy and paste.
Not enough info for me. Here's more: "ARTS is an unusual septin-like mitochondrial protein that was originally shown to mediate TGF-beta-induced apoptosis." - The mitochondrial ARTS protein promotes apoptosis through targeting XIAP http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC391065/?tool=pubmed
Love it!
Ooops! Thanks! Somehow added an "r" in there
Mycroplasma??? I think that the correct name is Mycoplasma http://images.wellcome.ac.uk/indexplus/obf_images/2a/ed/347a535ede226adb999b24670c8f.jpg Regards
As a early adulthood I had a problem with Ge rd or Acid Re flux. Can the acids in our stomach's in high concentration kill of this Rota virus. Or the medications that control these condition, help kill this virus, before it gets out of hand to cause the diarrhea and vomiting. Or a daily regimen Vitamin C and sorts keep the rota virus away.
I read the article with much interest. Thanks for sharing.
This an amazing discovery about E.coli. It also shows that the potentials of this minute creature are numerous and are yet to be fully tapped. Moreover, it shows that E.coli once believed to have only negative economic importance can also have positive economic importance. More research efforts will definitely confirm this.
'Yeast bacteria"? What next, Viral Bacteria? Or human animals, maybe? These kinds of errors are unpardonable in a site that is supposed to be "educational".
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I do not minimize the importance of hand washing. However, I think, by inference, this means that common (public) use computer keyboards and telephones might be close to 100 percent.....as well as the hands of hand-shaking, baby-holding politicians, and high-fiving athletes. I get it that (at least, in water microbiology) where E. coli is found, so might be Salmonella, Campylobacter, norvirus, etc. but what's happened to the concepts of infectious dose and the hygiene hypothesis?
Kudos to all members of the Visual Science Company Team!
Campylobacter jejuni is one of the most popular and notorious pathogens causing food borne diseases not only in the United States but also in other countries across the world. This scanning electron microscope image is showing a very good structure of the microbe.
Good catch Rebecca. It's a shame such a lovely infographic has to be ruined by something that is easily fact checked on Google.
The visual aspect is good at getting its point across in terms of number of deaths caused by each disease, but it incorrectly suggests a viral cause for all the diseases listed. In particular, the right-hand panel of honorable mentions states "Although the following viruses do not have a figure for total amount of lives claimed, they continue to terrorize various areas around the world. " It then lists Malaria (caused by a parasite), Tuberculosis (caused by a bacterium) and Yellow Fever (this one is actually caused by a virus). I would love to see an updated version made that correctly attributes the causative agents of each disease.
The most important thing is to produce or synthesize an appropriate antibiotic that can stop the activities of this dangerous microbe.I believe this is possible.
great post! I'm surprised that they discovered such a fungi! thank you for sharing this!
They did not find Hendra virus in the dog - they find antibodies that react with the virus. This may indicate previous infection with Hendra virus or a related virus.
One does not have to be a rocket scientist to understand that resistance is the logical result of all the chemicals being used. At Soper Strategies we have understood this unfortunate dilemma when working with pesticides. That is also the reason that our strategies are aimed at green, permanent, integrated and uncompromised solutions. With the emphasis on green.. The WHO has been aiming their programs too much on involvement of communities, instead of leaving the responsibilities for mosquito-borne disease combat with local authorities. Add to this the extensive use of pesticides and one knows why we are dealing with increasinging problems. With all the modern technologies that we have available today, eradication of mosquitoes and the close-up monitoring of re-emergence, are easier then ever before. The problem should be tackled at the source and not be aimed at prevention of the problem (bednets).
A very informative piece about E.coli 0157:H7 . The lethal tendencies of this microbe should be curbed or stopped immediately.Required and appropriate antibiotics should be synthesized or produced by researchers.This becomes imperative so as to avoid a pandemic of a monumental proportion globally.
Unique image! Thank you [img][/img]
This has again expose the versatility of Escherichia coli. Its ability to extract the toxic pesticides, parathion and methyl parathion from the polluted air is of a positive economic importance.
Examining enterococcal isolates at the species level using new rapid surveillance methods is commendable. However,their resistance to many and sometimes all standard therapies is of serious concern. Therefore,serious effort should be made by researchers to tackle this issue of enterococcal resistance globally. This becomes imperative so as to reduce or totally eradicate all infections associated with Enterococcus sp bacteria.
@Chris, sorry about that, thanks for pointing it out. Here's the long version: Link Text Dave
@Dave - the Ow.ly link doesn't work.
Want to find out more? Watch a video of the authors describing their research and get free access to the original paper at http://ow.ly/4u7MC . Dave Flanagan Advanced Functional Materials
This is indeed a great discovery. The usefulness of a virophage can not be overemphasized.It can be of tremendous use in curbing the menace of viral pathogenic diseases in both plant and animals throughout the world.More research is still needed by marine microbiologists or virologists to identify and possibly characterize as many virophages as possible. Their physiology ,biochemistry and metabolism should also be researched into.
Absolutely amazing!
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