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Novel Virus May Be Cause of Severe Febrile Illness in China

Chinese researchers have identified a novel bunyavirus that may be the cause of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome (SFTS); their research has been published online March 16 in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Xue-Jie Yu, M.D., Ph.D., of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and ... Read More

In evolution, last really can be first

In an evolutionary equivalent of Revenge of the Nerds, bacteria that once seemed destined for loserdom can eventually use their hidden potential to overtake the competition.

Researchers led by Richard Lenski of Michigan State University in East Lansing have been watching E. coli bacteria evol... Read More

Transmissible treatment proposed for HIV could target superspreaders to curb epidemic

Engineered, virus-like particles would hitch a ride with HIV to reach high-risk populations that don't seek or comply with medical treatment and are responsible for a disproportionate share of the spread of disease, a new model demonstrates Read More

Scientists Target Genetically Modified Probiotics To Cure Gut Conditions

Professor Simon Carding, University of East Anglia, today looks to a future of genetically modified probiotic bacteria, claiming sufferers will be able to use a food additive to control the release of human growth factors by the modified bacteria to fight against injury and inflammation in the g... Read More

Entry of Yersinia pestis into the Viable but Nonculturable State in a Low-Temperature Tap Water Microcosm

This study provides compelling evidence that Y. pestis persists in a low-temperature tap water microcosm in a viable state yet is unable to be cultured under normal laboratory conditions, which may prove useful in risk assessment and remediation efforts, particularly in the event of an intention... Read More

Scientists Report Mysterious 'bacteria' Apparently Caused Disease (article from 1977)

During an American Legion convention in Philadelphia in July 1976, infection swept through the attendees, killing 29. The disease had never been seen before. On January 19, 1977, the CDC first identified what went on to be known as Legionella pneumophila. This article was published the day of th... Read More

Researchers engineer E. coli to produce record-setting amounts of alternative fuel

Researchers at UCLA's Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science have developed a way to produce normal butanol — often proposed as a "greener" fuel alternative to diesel and gasoline -- from bacteria at rates significantly higher than those achieved using current production methods... Read More

Why Some Microbial Genes Are More Promiscuous Than Others

A new study of more than three dozen bacteria species -- including the microbes responsible for pneumonia, meningitis, stomach ulcers and plague -- settles a longstanding debate about why bacteria are more likely to steal some genes than others.

While most organisms get their genes from their... Read More

UF Researchers Suspect Bacterial Changes In Mouth Promote Oral Disease In People With HIV

Oral disease occurs commonly and progresses rapidly among people who have HIV, but the process is poorly understood. Researchers suspect that the culprit is a change in the makeup of bacterial communities that live in the mouth.

"The hypothesis is that suppression of the immune system by HIV ... Read More

From Single Cells, a Vast Kingdom Arose

Lurking in the blood of tropical snails is a single-celled creature called Capsaspora owczarzaki. This tentacled, amoebalike species is so obscure that no one even noticed it until 2002. And yet, in just a few years it has moved from anonymity to the scientific spotlight. It turns out to be one ... Read More

Paper: Medicated Feed Poses Risks for Humans

Administering antibiotics to animals via feed leads to inconsistencies in how much of the drugs they intake, thus contributing to the growth of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, according to a new commentary.

In a paper published this month in Environmental Health Perspectives, expert... Read More

News from 1971: Apopka Bacteria Dissolved Living Tissue

Neat article from 1971 about an "aeromonas infection" at Lake Apopka in Florida that dissolved living tissue. Read More

Another human case of bird flu surfaces

Another human case of avian influenza has been detected in the Kamalapur area of the capital, two days after a 13-month-old girl was found carrying the H5N1 virus in the same locality.

The Institute of Epidemiology Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) discovered the fresh case while mopping u... Read More

Science, love of beer merge in trio's pub pursuit

A microbiologist, a medical student and a brewmaster walk into an old warehouse.

No punch line — what comes next is anybody's guess - but a good glass of beer is definitely one outcome.

The microbiologist, Mike Mallozzi, spends his days researching nasty bacteria as a postdoctoral research... Read More

New Study Predicts Cholera Epidemic in Haiti Will Far Exceed UN Projections

A new study conducted at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and Harvard Medical School predicts that the cholera epidemic in Haiti this year will be far worse than United Nations' projections, which had estimated 400,000 cases of the diarrheal disease over the course of the epide... Read More

Laser untangles membrane measurements

A new laser technique that can measure interactions between proteins tangled in a cell’s membrane is expected to help in the discovery of new drugs. About 30 percent of the 7,000 proteins in a human cell reside in its membrane, initiating 60 to 70 percent of the signals that control the operatio... Read More

Newer antimalarials more effective than quinine against severe malaria

Quinine should no longer be the drug of choice for treating severe malaria, according to an updated systematic review by Cochrane researchers. It is now evident that the antimalarial drug artesunate, which is derived from herbs used in Chinese medicine, is more effective at preventing death in p... Read More

Maquipucuna Cloud Forest in Ecuador Yields New Species of Yeast

In a unique collaboration between scientists from the UK, Ecuador and Réunion, a new species of yeast has been discovered growing on the fruit of an unidentified and innocuous bramble collected from the biodiversity-rich Maquipucuna cloud forest nature reserve, near Quito, in Ecuador.

"We are... Read More

Bacillus subtilis plays a game of “Telephone"

Without the benefit of sex to help them ensure their genetic legacy, bacteria employ horizontal gene transfer to move genes from one cell to another. One way to get this done between cells in contact with one another is using integrative and conjugative elements (ICEs), DNA segments that normall... Read More

Maquipucuna Cloud Forest in Ecuador Yields New Species of Yeast

In a unique collaboration between scientists from the UK, Ecuador and Réunion, a new species of yeast has been discovered growing on the fruit of an unidentified and innocuous bramble collected from the biodiversity-rich Maquipucuna cloud forest nature reserve, near Quito, in Ecuador.

The sci... Read More
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