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Unknown White Fungal contaminant on 7.5% NaCl BHI #2

Unknown Fungal contaminant on 7.5% NaCl BHI after several month at refrigerated temperatures. White hyphae was seen spreading into the agar with no spore formation. Read More

Unknown Fungal contaminant on 7.5% NaCl BHI

Unknown fungal contaminant, presumably airborne, found on BHI containing 7.5% NaCl after several months at refrigerated temperatures. Concentric rings were seen with brown spore formation seen in the middle ring of the colony with hyphae at the edges and center of the colony. Colony covered the ... Read More

Lipolytic activity

Pseudomonas fluorescens on fat emulsion agar (Nile blue, agar, butter, Plate count agar). Lipase positive. Read More

Unknown Contaminant on BHI

Unknown contaminant see on BHI after several months at refrigerated temperatures. Organism was a matte pale beige with mounding in the center and concentric rings on the outer edges. Gas bubbles were seen in the media on the outer edges of the colony growth. Read More

High rate of Texas bugs carrying Chagas disease

A deadly parasite that causes Chagas disease is widespread in a common Texas insect, according to a new study by University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) researchers. The finding suggests that the risk of Texans contracting the disease may be higher than previously thought. Read More

Vincent van Gogh's "The Starry Night" #agarart2015

Please vote for this here https://www.facebook.com/asmfan/photos/a.10154367491515200.1073741836.62453295199/10154367528415200/?type=1&theater Read More


This is the epitome of education offices in Indonesia , or often known by "Tut Wuri Handayani" . This emblem is made with the bacteria E. coli and Klebsiella sp . on Mac Conkey agar medium isolated from beverage cappuccino cincaw ( capcin )

both bacteria can be used as an indicator of water p... Read More

Hulk Hand

Bacterial Hand Print doen on TSA agar, incubated for 48 hrs at 37 degree's C. Bacteria seen are mainly Bacillus spp. Read More

Agar art

More fun... Didn't get this in on time because I was sick. I always enjoy having fun in the lab. Thanks for looking. Read More

Baseball fun

Sorry I didn't get this in on time... I was out sick. Go royals! E.coli growth at 48hr... I meant to have it in for 24hrs but I got sick and didn't come into work. So it's a little over grown. However, it's still fun! Read More


Hi colleagues, here is a portret of young microbiolosist who spend all his time in laboratory and hope on great publication in journal like Nature. It's joke but very reality. My PhD student Anastsasia Knyazeva is the author of this picture. It was designed by Escherichia coli on the Endo Agar ... Read More

Paying homage to our alma mater, The Gator Nation.

A joint submission by two gator alumni. As coworkers and infection control practitioners we felt it would be a refreshing change of pace to cast a positive light upon bacteria that are usually known for the havoc they wreak. And what better excuse than the ASM Agar Art contest? #AgarArt2015 #A... Read More


Origene. In this picture, nucleic acids are showing the origin, the very beginning, the masterpiece where evolution take place in the microbial world! Some of the genetics "branch" DNA or RNA is revealing most of the microbial diversity that sustains our biosphere. It is amazing how the genetic... Read More

The Bright Mighty Sun

E. coli K-12, a non-pathogen for most part, is a sorbitol fermenter and appears as pink to red colored colonies whereas E. coli O157:H7 colonies are not colored, on the differential BBL™ MacConkey II agar with sorbitol media plates. These two strains were used to paint the abstract sun, whose wa... Read More

Sunflower made up of Variovorax Paradoxus

My name is Variovorax paradoxus,
I grow in the soil rhizosphere of helianthus,
I make it look cute from petal to root
by promoting it’s growth
with other bacteria near the sunflower's root
Then the sunflower shines as bright as the sun
To attract butterflies and birds too
In the backyard... Read More

As American as Andy Warhol

When I first set out to make an American flag out of bacteria, I thought it would be easy: I’d just use some Serratia marcescens for the red and various strains of Escherichia coli on x-gal for the blue and white. For the first attempt, in the center, I used S. marcescens for the red stripe, a S... Read More

Micrococcus Field with Setting Sun


Inspired by Vincent van Gogh's paintings of wheat fields, this TSA agar plate features the bright yellow pigmented Micrococcus luteus, a highly versatile organism found throughout the environment. The bacteria can break down toxic chemicals, enabling them to survive in extreme en... Read More

'Tis the Pseudo

'Tis the Pseudo was inspired by the upcoming holiday season! Six strains of color producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa and a yellow strain of Staphylococcus aureus were used to create an abstract holiday design. P. aeruginosa secretes a variety of pigments, including pyocyanin (blue-green), pyoverdi... Read More

"Which Vein to Pic"


Staphylococcus aureus (pink), Staphylococcus saprophyticus (white) and Enterococcus faecalis (blue) are all normal flora on human skin. These three organisms normally live on skin and rarely cause infection unless presented to an open wound. Staphylococcus aureus and Enterococ... Read More

"Whooo's Got to Poo"


Salmonella species often causes diarhhea and is easily contracted from undercooked meat. While the symptoms are uncomfortable, the Salmonella infection is self-limiting; resolving on its own in 4-7 days.

The black outline of the owl is the result of H2S, Hydrogen Sulfide, w... Read More
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