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The Lab Coat Is on the Hook in the Fight Against Germs

Picture a doctor in your mind’s eye, and what do you see? A stethoscope, maybe. Perhaps a little black bag. And almost certainly a white lab coat.

But that last item may be destined for oblivion.

The American Medical Association is studying a proposal made at its annual meeting in June that doctors hang up their lab coats — for good. The group’s Council on Science and Public Health is looking at the role clothing plays in transmitting bacteria and other microbes and is expected to announce its findings next year.

Comments (3)

  1. Hmm, maybe the fact that my doctor doesn't wear one is why I am so ornery but still alive! This really is a very valid concern, the white lab coat gives the illusion of clean but they are certainly not sterile and could definitely get contaminated without it showing. Probably best to leave the lab coats in the labs.
  2. Karen, I totally agree. My mother is a pediatrician and they had to remove the stuffed animals from her office for the very same reason. A little sad, but probably for the best.
  3. i personally, dont like to wear a lab coat , untill unless you really need it , tradition of wearing lab coat all the time in work , as a professional identity need a rethink, but lab coat has its use only at certain time of lab work , or other spillage involed procedures in lab or clinic .

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