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A Microbiology Curriculum for K through 12 Grades

Bact to school time is on the horizon and I am sure many teachers, educators and professors are looking for supplemental course material or new ideas.

A quick search on the web resulted in this comprehensive Microbiology curriculum for K-12 that was presented at the 1997 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology in Miami, FL.

From the curriculum's mission statement - In order to make science more real and exciting for our students, we propose that microbiology be introduced into the science curriculum as early as kindergarten. We suggest the use of microbiology as no other biological field interfaces so readily with other disciplines. Consider the ties: the impact of disease on history, the use of large numbers, logs and exponentials. Also "micro" can facilitate development of observational skills as well as many of the higher thinking skills in Bloom's Taxonomy. The discussion of everyday issues about health and sociology, the biochemistry and molecular biology revolution can also be initiated through the study of microbiology. We believe that the addition of microbiology will increase interest in science and help head off a personnel deficit in the scientific fields. Furthermore, exposing all students to microbiological concepts at an early age will create a public better educated in many modern issues. They will be better able to understand that many microbes have a positive impact on our lives, and contrast this knowledge with media reports on medical issues such as HIV/AIDS, the rapid spread of diseases in developing countries, and emerging diseases.

Click "source" for a developmental series of curriculum enrichment ideas to aid the introduction of microbiology into existing curricula.

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