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Arcade Sim Glow Worm Challenges Players to Capture and Transport Bacteria

AngryOrange Studios today is pleased to announce Glow Worm 1.0 for iOS, their new Sim/Arcade Game that challenges the player to capture and skillfully transport 10 or more bacteria scattered inside a living cell.

“Glow Worm is an epic, wildly stylized, microscopic adventure,” stated Roman Turlej of AngryOrange Studios. “There are 10 times as many microbial cells in the human body than there are human cells. Take a voyage inside a dynamic, living cell and master an arcade game being played by trillions of cells inside you every day.”

The goal is to save as many bacteria as possible using the Glow Worm, a neutrophil-like body, which automatically captures each nearby bacterium using a single filament. Once the microbes are attached, the filaments slowly retract while the player navigates the Glow Worm back to the safety of its spawning point with bacteria in tow. The player must successfully navigate their way back through various lethal obstacles, including oddly shaped micro-spaces, viruses, red cells, and rotating X cells. Once touch-activated, the Glow Worm begins to lose power, which forces the player to work as quickly as possible before the Glow Worm can no longer function.

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