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ASM launches a new clinical microbiology portal

ASM has launched a new web portal, http://clinmicro.asm.org, a one-stop site with a variety of information needed for the day-to-day work of diagnostic microbiologists and immunologists.

The Clinical Microbiology portal brings together all of ASM’s clinical and external relevant content.

• It has practical information, such as interpreting cultures and identifying organisms, as well as lab management resources. Users can access expert opinions, connect with colleagues, and network!

• It has resources for bench technologists, supervisors, lab directors, ABMM and ABMLI Diplomates, graduate students, and postdoctoral and infectious disease fellows. General information about clinical microbiology and the profession is also available.

• The portal will host a Q & A feature so users can reach out for expert advice. Q & A also offers the ability to post a comment on an answer so users can share additional information.

• The landing page provides updates on the science, ASM, public policy, and what’s new at ASM to the portal. The weekly updates in each category are intended to encourage visits on a regular basis.

• An events calendar is also available, and users are encouraged to submit upcoming events to share with others.

• A live blog will be added to the portal in a few months. This interactive format will allow users and experts to discuss hot topics at a particular date and time. The discussion will be archived for those not able to participate during the live discussion.

The portal is a not a static site. Throughout the development process, the focus has been on ensuring the portal is flexible so it can quickly respond to constructive suggestions and to changes in the field. Users’ comments will drive how the portal evolves to ensure it meets their needs.

Click "Source" to visit the site.

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