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Virus-resistant Grapevines

In an effort to reduce or even eliminate the use of pesticides which are harmful to the environment and often times have no effect on the virus they are attempting to kill, researchers are working on virus resistant grapevines. Because it takes so long for a grape to properly ripen on the vine before proper harvesting to make wine, the vine is exposed for a long period of time to disease and in some cases are infected with “Grapevine fanleaf virus” (GFLV). Now researches are working on a process that allows the "agrobacteria" to transfer natural genomes to the vine and allow it to become virus resistant. I'm curious if this may have any effect on the flavor of the grape? The flavor of wine is so susceptible to every minute factor which creates a unique taste that varies from year to year. The article does not mention any affect on flavor but perhaps there are some Oenophiles or even a Viticulturist who could offer some opinions?

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