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Antibiotics Take Toll On Beneficial Microbes In Gut

Now there is even more reason to be concerned about the amount and kind of antibiotic you may be too quick to consume. Besides concerns about increasing antibiotic resistant bacteria due to overuse of antibiotics, research shows that antibiotics could have a long lasting effect on the beneficial microbes that exist inside all of us. In a recent study published by the University of Michigan, mice models show that two types of antibiotics could be responsible for changing the fundamental make up of the unique cocktail of beneficial microbes that exist in our gut. In some cases, once administered an antibiotic, the mice never regained a normal level of biodiversity of the microbial community within their system. Interesting enough, it appears that socializing can help restore these microbes to the mice. How this works is not necessarily a treatment you are likely to want to undergo. Because mice commonly consume the feces of their cage mate, the mice that received dosages of antibiotics "picked up normal gut microbes quickly" once a mouse that had not be given antibiotics was introduced into the environment. So if you're interested in a "fecal transplant" (shown to be an effective treatment in humans) then don't think twice about taking an antibiotic for that upset stomach. For the rest of us, there appears to be even more evidence of the need to be vigilant about the amount and type of antibiotics we use.

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