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Ebola Virus explained


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Infographic: The Deadliest Disease Outbreaks in History

From the Black Death to the measles, rapidly spreading diseases have taken a toll on humanity for centuries. Here's a look at the biggest and deadliest pandemics ever.

A collaboration between GOOD and Column Five Media.


Comments (2)

  1. The visual aspect is good at getting its point across in terms of number of deaths caused by each disease, but it incorrectly suggests a viral cause for all the diseases listed. In particular, the right-hand panel of honorable mentions states "Although the following viruses do not have a figure for total amount of lives claimed, they continue to terrorize various areas around the world. " It then lists Malaria (caused by a parasite), Tuberculosis (caused by a bacterium) and Yellow Fever (this one is actually caused by a virus). I would love to see an updated version made that correctly attributes the causative agents of each disease.
  2. Good catch Rebecca. It's a shame such a lovely infographic has to be ruined by something that is easily fact checked on Google.

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