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One from many: single 'species' biofilms differentiate into multiple roles

The Lost City hydrothermal fields in the mid-Atlantic are pulsing with microbial life thanks to the process of serpentinization, which generates heat and hydrogen and methane from rocks and seawater. So how is it that a single “species” of archaea comprises the bulk of the biofilms lining these hydrogen-rich carbonate chimneys?

The thick, mucilaginous biofilms that coat the insides of carbonate chimneys in the Lost City hydrothermal field are dominated by a single type of archaeon, according to their 16S genes. But this is a case where 16S doesn’t tell the whole story – not by a long shot. A study in mBio this week takes a close look at these biofilms and finds these archaea, which are practically identical at first blush, are probably highly differentiated.
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