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Experts caution that the word "probiotic" is widely misused

"As manufacturers add the microbes to everything from infant formula and fruit juice to pizza, muffins and granola bars, experts caution that the word "probiotic" is widely misused by the industry and misunderstood by consumers.

While there are thousands of bacterial strains, only a few dozen have been tested for health benefits. Studies suggest some products may offer relief for digestive issues, but it's not known whether healthy people benefit from snacking on live "bugs."

The European Union Food Safety Authority this week started a process to regulate health claims on products, including probiotics. And a pending class-action lawsuit alleges that Dannon misled consumers about the benefits of Activia and DanActive, both marketed as probiotics."

This is a long article that really goes into some depth about the state of probiotics, what we know and don't know.

Comments (1)

  1. Wow, the biggest problem here is that clearly nobody really has the answers yet when it comes to probiotics and the scary thing is that it seems to be catching on like it's the next "fat free" craze. This isn't that much of a problem assuming that it's always safe to consume these products but I fear it's just a marketing label slapped on the outside of a package and unless you're a scientist, you are not likely to know one product from the next. Besides the potential health concerns it seems likely that many people will be paying more for products that don't have any real added value. Very interested in seeing where this all goes.

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