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March 2011 Microbe now online

The March 2011 issue of Microbe magazine is now online—

Feature articles
Bacterial Vectors for Delivering Gene and Anticancer Therapies
by C. Grillot-Courvalin, Sylvie Goussard, and Patrice Courvalin
Engineered bacteria deliver genes or proteins into specific cells to treat tumors
or genetic diseases,or to trigger immune responses

Safety by Nature: Potential Bacteriophage Applications
by Alexander Sulakvelidze
Bacteriophages offer opportunities for safely managing bacterial infections

Microbes and Microevolution
by Evgeni Sokurenko
Understanding microevolution mechanisms in microorganisms will bring us
closer to grasping how new species evolve
Also in this issue:

Current Topics--
R Genes Help Legumes Choose Their Symbionts
β-Lactamase Inhibitor NXL104 Helps Overcome Resistance of Pathogens
Food Safety Law: Focus on Prevention, Boost to FDA Authority
Sequencing Technologies Yield Novel Microbial Noncoding RNA Molecules
Three Crenarchaeotes, All Hyperthermophiles, Form Biofilms
Metabolite from Tooth Decay Bacterium, Curbs Yeast Oral Pathogen

Advance and Retreat in Europe
By Bernard Dixon
While some northern European countries have recorded major triumphs in campaigns against bacterial drug resistance, the continent as a whole still has some way to go

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