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Franco Harris launches line of bacteria-fighting fitness products

Some gyms can be gross. Sharing equipment with sweaty fellow exercisers can make you less than enthusiastic about working out, especially when it’s cold and flu season.

What could be worse? Well, maybe an NFL locker room?

NFL Hall-of-Famer Franco Harris, of the Pittsburgh Steelers dynasty teams in the 1970s, is cofounder of the Silversport company, a Pittsburgh-based business that just launched a new line of anti-microbial products designed, he says, to give people an “extra layer of protection … from an abundance of bacteria.”

Harris talked to me in a phone interview from his other Pittsburgh venture, Super Bakery. The company also sent me a sample of one of its products, the “Silver Towel,” a soft, highly absorbent bamboo towel infused with the same silver ions found in some of the other items the Silversport sells.

The process uses natural silver particles for odor reduction and anti-microbial protection, to effectively eliminate more than 650 types of surface-borne bacteria.

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