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Proteins get the glory, but are non-protein-coding RNAs doing the work?

When it comes to biology, the proteins get all the glory. A new study coming out in mBio might change this, though: the results show that, in the immune response, non-protein-coding RNAs may deserve some credit for what they do, too.
Peng et al. used whole transcriptome analysis in mice to examine how non-protein-coding RNAs were regulated during infection with SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV) and with the influenza virus. Most (35 of 37) of the selected non-protein-coding RNAs and genomic regions were expressed similarly during infection with both viruses, suggesting that the differential regulation of long non-protein-coding RNAs may be a common host response to respiratory viral infection. The function of these non-protein-coding RNAs remains largely unexplored, so what are they doing during infection?

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