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Rabies bonus feature/Thank you to L. Pastuer

Louis Pastuer - not just the guy whose responsible for your milk (and orange juice, beer, almonds, ciders, soy sauce, & about a dozen other products) being cooked @ high temps to make them last longer - but a brilliant scientific mind whose researches into disease prevention has saved countless lives.
The image here is an actual mosaic from Pasteur's crypt, representing the well-known episode of the shepherd Jean-Baptiste Jupille (second person ever to be vaccinated against rabies) struggling against a rabid dog.
In his honor, I sugguest we sing a rousing chorus of "Louie, Louie" while drinking our favorite pasteurized beverages - who's with me?

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  1. I'm with you Rory! Thanks for the amazing images you've been uploading over the past few weeks.

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