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Richard Roberts at BioVision Alexandria 2010: I give you the sequence and you give me the function!

I had the chance to attend the international conference "BioVision Alexandria 2010" held at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Conference Center in Alexandria, Egypt. It was a great experience for me to attend >50 talks, given by Nobel laureates and other remarkable scientists specialized in health-related topics. I will share with you this talk by Dr. Richard Roberts, who received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1993 for the discovery of split genes and mRNA splicing in 1977. He is now joint Research Director at New England Biolabs. Dr. Roberts entitled his talk: “Collaborating to bridge the gap between computation and experimentation”.
I. Let’s start with stating this fact that Genomics is rapidly taking over the field of biology, at the research level at least.
II. So, the core of today’s science is DNA sequencing… but unfortunately, DNA sequencing has its drawbacks.
1) DNA sequencing is getting faster and cheaper.
2) The computer is not enough! Do the biochemistry in the lab!
3) All substrates are not available to all labs all the time. So, one lab can’t determine the function of all genes on earth.
4) Lack of good funding for biochemistry.
III. Dr. Roberts’ suggestions for a solution: “COMBREX”
IV. What genes should we focus on/start with?
And most importantly,
V. Who can help?

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