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The Attendee's Guide to Scientific Meetings, Part II

In December of last year, Julian Davies, Professor emeritus at the University of British Columbia and a Fellow of the Royal Society, authored an amusing post that essentially provides helpful tips on how to successfully navigate a cocktail party at a scientific meeting.

Today, in advance of the American Society for Microbiology's General Meeting in San Diego, May 23-27, he provides some good advice on how to give and not give a scientific presentation.

"...don’t read your title slide (everyone knows it); on the other hand always repeat questions clearly, especially if the audio system is poor. For one thing it gives you a little time to think of a good answer! And don’t laugh if someone goes to the microphone and when recognized by the Chair starts off by saying “I have a question…” Of course they do, or why on earth would they be in front of the microphone?"

Click source for more.

Comments (1)

  1. Thanks Chris! Good tips before ASM. I'll summarize and link it to an article at MO BIO's blog too.

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