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ASM presents the mBio Call for Papers.

Submissions to mBio™ are now being accepted. mBio™ is using the eJournalPress Peer Review System to manage the peer review process from manuscript submission through acceptance. Click "source" to go to the official webpage and to find links for submitting your paper.

Instructions to Authors are available, as well as detailed information for authors by clicking the "source" link above.

The goal for mBio™ is to publish the very best science in microbiology, with particular emphasis on papers that are integrative and highlight connectivity under the microbiology tent.

The scope of mBio™ is broad and includes any paper that deals with microbes, microbial physiology and communities, population biology, immune responses, new applications, and even exobiology. If the work is in any way related to microbiology, and it is top tier science, then mBio™ is interested.

mBio™ will consider the following article types for publication:

* Research articles
* Observations
* Minireviews
* Opinions and hypotheses
* Commentaries
* Perspectives
* Editorials
* Letters to the Editor

As part of the submission process, authors are encouraged to provide a 150-word non-technical summary written in language that conveys the importance of the work to non-specialists in that area of research.

Click "source" to visit the official web site, get instructions, and submit your paper.

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