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Spike in H1N1 D225G Cases in Spain Raises Concerns

As for the mutations detected by the National Epidemiological Surveillance Network in the last week have reported five new cases of mutation 'D222', three of them in two in the Basque Country and Andalusia.

Also, there is an increase in the number of viruses detected in cases from different regions who have the mutation 'D222E', with six patients in addition to the 34 already identified by the National Center for Microbiology.

So far Spain have been detected in ten cases with the D222G mutation. Three of them have occurred in Andalusia, three in the Basque Country, two in Catalonia, one in Castilla La Mancha and one in Galicia.

The above translation describes the doubling of D225G cases in Spain from 5 to 10 in one week. Moreover, 9 of the 10 were reported this month. In contrast, D225E, which is reported in Spain at a much higher frequency, rose from 34 to 40 reported cases. These data suggest D225G is increasing more quickly than D225E, even though D225E is much more prevalent. In public sequences from Catalonia, 60 sequences had the nucleotide change for D225E. Two also have the change for D225G, and two sequences have D225G without the D225E change. Both of these datasets suggest the ratio of D225G to D225E or wild type D225 is on the rise, even as cases decline.

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