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Hot-spring bacteria reveal ability to use far-red light for photosynthesis

This video contains images of LaDuke hot spring in Gardiner, Montana, along the Yellowstone River, near Yellowstone National Park. The images show the rich mat community of chlorophototrophic bacteria that grow along the hot spring's effluent channel. The dark-green-colored organisms are mainly cyanobacteria. The Leptolyngbya cyanobacteria strain is from the underside of a 2-milimeter-thick mat at the LaDuke hot spring that is so dense with bacteria that only the far-red wavelengths of light can penetrate to the bottom. "There are 10 times as many cyanobacteria in a 2-mm-thick square of that bacterial mat than you would find in a 2-mm square column of open-ocean water going all the way from the surface to the ocean floor," Bryant said. This video contains no sound.

Donald A. Bryant lab, Penn State University

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