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Clear halo in petri dishes by Acetobacter pasteurianus

Growth of Acetobacter pasteurianus on glucose, yeast extract, calcium carbonate, ethanol medium.
Formation of acetic acid from ethanol oxidation is shown by a clear halo around bacterial growth due to dissolution of calcium carbonate.
Organism: Acetobacter pasteurianus. Incubation conditions: 28°C; 4 days.
Information on biotechnological application of the strain can be found in:
- Gullo M, Mamlouk D, De Vero L, Giudici P (2012). Acetobacter pasteurianus strain AB0220: Cultivability and phenotypic stability over 9 years of preservation. Current Microbiology, 64(6):576-580.
- Thesis work of the student Gabriele Zanichelli (In preparation).

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